Selling Property with Team Haverkate, Engel & Voelkers

Selling Property With Team Haverkate, Engel & Voelkers

Selling Property With Team Haverkate, Engel & Voelkers

Team Haverkate Real Estate Services for Sellers


Why list with us ?


Knowledge, Passion and Experience with Modernism

Owners of an architectural home in Uruguay will want to meet with the Team Haverkate of Engel&Voelkers to discuss a unique business plan for the marketing and sale of modern and contemporary properties. The Haverkate Team accesses the widest international audience of prospective modern home buyers and delivers targeted solutions to individuals who are most likely to this kind of home. In short, the Team provides all the services of traditional real estate professionals, and then goes significantly further.


Better Nation-Wide and International Internet Exposure

Ralph Haverkate is a mid-century modern aficionado, a business man, an artist and an internet specialist. His websites appear on the first page of the internet search engines – so your home will be there too!, is a leading sources of over 700 properties for sale in Uruguay. Because they are so visible on the World Wide Web, your listing is accessible to an incredibly vast audience. Ralph can work in several languages and is one of the 3,000 members of The International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) international network of cooperating real estate agents. His global reach is a distinct advantage to home sellers in our global economy.


Better Local Exposure

Ralph works with Engel&Voelkers, one of the largest privately owned real estate brokerages in the world. Along with ensuring clients of a stable, long term company to deal with, this enables the advantage of Engel&Voelkers local Property program that invests thousands of dollars on “old media” advertisements on properties for sale.

The Team does state of the art marketing. With their own professional photo and videographer, they create custom websites for each property that are easily found on the web. These are also sent to the more than 3000 international Brokers, which are part of Ralph’s FIABCI connection. A listing is also announced by e-mail to a database of hundreds of interested registrants on the specialized websites.


More Buyers

The high Google ranking of the Haverkate websites means they are easily found by casual searchers from all over the world. The RealEstate-In-Uruguay website offers buyers an advanced property search feature so they can immediately see all of the modern or high-end Uruguayan contemporary listings in the entire area. This website features your listing in a separate section and will display it as house of the month on an alternating basis.


Net More Money

The Haverkate Team has worked with a multitude of sellers and buyers of architecturally significant homes. Our philosophy is that significant architecture carries unique value and requires and deserves specialized attention beyond standard real estate channels. Niche marketing will net more money from your home than selling it as just another property.


Latest Technology

The Team uses the latest technology to optionally sign sale documents on a computer screen, which is excellent for distant or travelling buyers and sellers.
Residential real estate has changed – it’s becoming an Internet driven business, where buyers diligently research and are acutely aware of the market. This requires your property to stand out from the crowd. It still remains a people business, requiring a professional and consistent demeanor. The Haverkate Real Estate Team excels by combining technology with strong communication and a well developed business acumen. If you are the seller of an architecturally significant home, you should meet them.


Architectural real estate is our business and we have a business plan that will work for you.