100 Years Pueblo Eden

Celebrating 100 Years Pueblo Eden August 19th and 20th, 2017

If there is a village lost in the sierra of Maldonado, it could well be Pueblo Eden. Located between hills near San Carlos, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the north of Punta Del Este and a famous day trip destination.

Maldonado authorities together with members of the organizing committee and neighbours, presented the varied program for August 2017.

Among the various proposals, the following presentations were selected:

Creole Circus Moriah will be held August 9th and 10th, 2017
The election of the Queen of Pueblo Eden
The traditional Parade of Cavalry
Activity Games for Children

In music matters, the Orchestra of Maldonado, the Folkloric Ballet of Sodre, Los Lugareños and the Duo Larbanois & Carrero have all confirmed their performance during the centennial celebrations held during August.


If you take route 12 from Portezuelo, Punta Ballena driving along the eastern side of Laguna del Sauce, you will end up on highway 9 and further up another piece of the route 12 appears guiding you along sierras to this charming little town.

Not only is it a village that sprouts in green, it also has architectural aspects of Spanish towns with white facades and tin roofs. A sign at the entrance warns that it is a quiet village where the top speed is 30 km per hour. The road entering the town gently guides you to the heart of the town where the church is, still portraying its beauty with hills of seven colors and spectacular sunsets behind the sierras. Skies during the day are always intense blue adding more beauty to the place.

The roads in Pueblo Eden are generally empty, people are seen in the gardens and occasional locals on their bikes are seen chatting in the front of houses, every now and then, horsemen ride through, a modern car arrives and drives around the streets. The improvement of communications makes so many Uruguayans and foreigners choose it as a place to visit, rest and stay to live.

It has countless attractions such as lodgings of country houses, bed and breakfast, craft sale, organic market, country style restaurant and guided visits to wineries and oil mills. The prestigious UTE wind project: “Los Caracoles” is nearby.

Trails from and to Pueblo Eden start in nature that seem magical either on horseback or trekking and reach some of the most emblematic places near the town.

History 100 Years Pueblo Eden

Pueblo Edén, also known as Mataojo, located a few kilometers from the border with Lavalleja, has a combination of cultural influences, with founder’s descendants who have lived here for a long time and new residents part of an increasing expat community that chose this place to live.

On August 8, 1917, Don Román Furtado, owner of fields at the banks of the Pintado stream, divided his field into plots and this is how we can talk about the founding of Villa de Mataojo de San Carlos. The first settler of that Villa was Mr. Zoilo Martínez and the first school teacher was Mr. José Frade. This was the start of being populated and transformed into what we today know as Pueblo Eden.

There was a time of great progress in the area when several industries were installed. We can remember the wheat plantations and mills of Tassano and Moreira. Today we still know of the famous warehouse of Jacinto Torres, a large store known as La Casona – which was completely restored and is now for sale – where you could find everything.

Magnificent Restored Historic Country Villa in Pueblo Eden

As well as the house of Don Vital Tort and the great dances that were held in The Club Oriental (that means being Uruguayan), where Don Froilán Plada played the accordion and Don Flor Urrutia sang. There was also a fair venue held by Don Román Furtado and later on by Don Diego Furtado. The fair still operates once a month.

After this time of boom, little by little many people migrated to the city to find work and a better future. A reality that affected not only Pueblo Eden but most of the rural areas of the department of Maldonado.

Pueblo Edén became known after the Argentine stylist Roberto Giordano purchased a piece of land there in 2007. Some 50 neighbors reside permanently, reaching 250 of the area of ​​influence of around 10 km.

Pueblo Eden has transformed its reality. The simplicity of its environment with changing greens, its peaceful square and its austere chapel, provoke and invite to yoga and meditation, is the reason why frequent visitors linger and enjoy this place. Located only 40 kilometers from Punta Del Este, the village invites you to breathe peace and tranquility in a privileged area where the natural landscape excels. Therefore, it is natural that the accomplishment of artistic and cultural activities reaffirms the local identity. It will celebrate its 100 years anniversary with diverse activities open to the entire public.


Every May 15th the party of the patron of the town, San Isidro Labrador gets celebrated. San Isidro, in turn, gives name to the Chapel often chosen for low-profile weddings.
Every August 8th, the anniversary festivities take place with a parade of horsemen belonging to the Sociedad Criolla of Maldonado and Lavalleja and folk and rock concert take place the night before the official festivities.



It is easy to take beautiful photos in this region. This is why there was a Photography Competition being part of the activities for the anniversary of 100 Years Pueblo Edén and highlights three photographs that identify the area. Within the celebration, two competitions took place, one of them based on the photography and another one in the creation of a logo.

The jury decided to award the first prize to Teo Cisilino, the second to Santiago Edye and the third prize to Beatriz Sureda.
The works will be seen as from August 2017 on the town displays, brochures and products generated in the locality.

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