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Pueblo Garzon has become the new Food and Wine Lover Place.

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Pueblo Garzon has become the new Food and Wine Lover Place

Pueblo Garzon, a little village 40 miles northeast of Punta Del Este was almost abandoned after its train station closed half a century ago.

Garzon represents a new wine and olive oil region in Uruguay. The winery Bodega Garzon with state-of-the-art technology produces premium wines and olive oil. Agroland was recently awarded two Gold Prestige medals in the international olive oil competition held in Mendoza Olivinus.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of Uruguay is its wine industry. Either sitting on an open range deck overlooking the hills of Garzon in the Eastern region of Punta Del Este or in a luxurious villa you can enjoy some of the best wines of the region. For decades, Uruguay produced vast quantities of table wine but nothing very notable. However, over the last decade or so, growers have specialized producing world-ranking red wines from the original Malbec with the addition of Syrah and the Tannat grape. Billionaire Bulgheroni’s Bodega Garzon was just named as the Second Best Winery of 2019 in the World producing outstanding Tannat Reservas and not to forget their amazing white wine called “Albarino”. Also, their Olive oil has become notable all over the world.

The new state of the art style buildings contrasts with Pueblo Garzon but coexists with local stillness. The hills in the distance can be seen at every corner of Pueblo Garzon. The whitewashed church, the abandoned train station, the colorful main square, horses and stray dogs wandering freely, make Pueblo Garzon, a town out of a play. This wine and food movement positions Pueblo Garzon as a high-end tourist destination and is not far away from chic Jose Ignacio with prime restaurants on the ocean.


The town was founded in 1892 by merchant Fermín de León. The royal road passed through there, where passengers often traveled to the place owned by the governor.The railroad and the mill, which developed an intense industrial activity since 1920, caused the town to reach 2,000 inhabitants between 1930 and 1950. When these two activities that gave life to it disappeared, the town became abandoned until the year 2000. Garzon came to life again after an agro-industrial enterprise reactivated the labor market (Agroland) in 2004 and the arrival of Argentine chef Francis Mallmann attracted tourists from all over the world when he opened a restaurant and a hotel in this quaint town.

These changes in Pueblo Garzon, show it is possible to promote an unknown place by a celebrity. Admittedly, we had to wait for people like Francis Mallmann to create new destinations in Uruguay. The New York Times just recently promoted Garzon as one of the 52 destinations you have to have visited in your lifetime. The ranking of visitors to Pueblo Garzon lately shows British and Americans in the lead, followed by the Brazilians and Uruguayans.

How to get to Pueblo Garzon

From Punta del Este take Highway 9 up to kilometer 175.5, turn left. After 1.5 miles turn right at the junction and drive another 5 miles until you reach the entrance on the right side to Pueblo Garzon.


In 2004, the famous Argentine chef Francis Mallmann, in partnership with the Argentine winemaker Manuel Mas, founded the Hotel & Restaurant Garzon in an old people’s property. The new hotel has five rooms, a park, a pool, and a restaurant. In a way, the new venture revitalized the 200 people town and gave it a bohemian spirit. Gourmets from all over the world started to talk about the town’s old-time charms, and many other chefs and restaurants followed Mr. Mallmann. Garzon has since then become the new food lover place and is the host of the yearly food and wine festival.

The furniture in Mallmann’s place is rustic but with a very peculiar and creative imprint with “that” taste that invites you to stay. The elegantly dressed tables with placemats, make room for little more than thirty guests at a time, the five rooms are always fully booked. Staying at the Hotel Garzon, in any of its five double rooms, includes breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner with their drinks, “Juanico” wines, horse rental and laundry.

“I always liked this town,” says Mallmann. The chef wants customers to know what he calls “the Uruguay from within.” He compares his development, to Tuscany in Italy and hopes that others will also invest here.

The Garzon Club in Bodega Garzon is the new top wine “members only” club in Uruguay and Food and wine lovers are raving about the Bodega Garzon Restaurant in the Bodega Garzon winery.


Garzón town is tranquil at night, however, in high season the Alium Design Boutique organizes sporadically in its garden movie nights and live bands.Those who are looking for more intense days will find the best in Punta del Este, La Barra, Manantiales and Jose Ignacio.


Garzon Tajamares Golf Club is Uruguay’s new top-notch PGA golf course designed by Masters and US Open Champion Angel Cabrera.


Several artists dedicated to painting and sculpture have come to Garzon. There is also an Art Gallery called Galeria Pueblo Garzon, which aims to spread the work of national artists such as Mario Lazo born in Pueblo Garzon and several other international ones.

Artist Anne Marie, a French lady who is responsible for designing the friezes on clay for the town buildings, also teaches this technique to residents.

Garzón Sculpture Park outside Garzon provides a unique platform in the region for artists to create and exhibit outdoor sculpture and installations to be enjoyed in nature. https://garzonsculpturepark.com/exhibitions/

Properties for Sale in and around Garzon

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