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Manantiales, The Restaurant Mile

Manantiales is an ancient fishing port and holiday resort of the residents of San Carlos in Maldonado and other areas of Uruguay. Its original buildings were relatively modest. Its name comes from a water spring located at the eastern end of the town, which also names the adjoining subdivision known as “El Chorro”.

With the opening in 1965 of the bridge over the creek that joined La Barra and Punta del Este, the people began to acquire the modest homes and build new ones. On Route 104 many chacras of at least 5 acres were being bought by the international Jet-Set!

Manantiales today has some really good upscale restaurants like Elmo, Lo de Charly, O’Farrell, La Linda, Mistura etc.

The beach just west of Manantiales is known as Bikini Beach, one of the busiest during the summer season, the one located to the east is known as Playa El Chorro.

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