Unlisted Properties

Unlisted Properties

Unlisted Properties not Officially on the Market for Sale – No Multiple Listing Service in Uruguay

Besides our hundreds of constant active updated listings we are featuring on our site, there are unlisted properties of clients who prefer their property offered more discrete and not being exposed on any websites for multiple reasons. We also might know of a non-listed property based on your requirements and can contact the owner if he would be willing to sell. If you contact us and give us a brief overview of what you are looking for, we might be able to come up with properties no website will show you.

Also be aware that we as a licensed Broker here in Uruguay can represent you, the buyer, on any property purchase. If you see something on another Real Estate website in the Internet, or a “For Sale by Owner” sign, just let us know, and we can help you at the exact same conditions, but with the assurance that you are properly represented by a licensed, competent, multi-cultural and multi-language speaking in the US-trained Real Estate Team, who passes the litmus test of an Agent representing a foreigner, who is not familiar with the buying and selling procedure and business practices in Latin America.

We have been working over 12 years in the past under the American Multiple Listing System (MLS) concept, where it’s only ethical to show the buyer any available property on the market matching his criteria and not only the broker’s in-house listings, which unfortunately is very common in Latin-America Real Estate business.

Your buying experience and outcome of your investment depend in large part on the agent and his professional integrity you choose to represent you. Many agents here are not trained or work only part-time or are not working under a large reputable company and therefore a lot of them have not a very competent market knowledge or have no understanding of the concept of fiduciary relationship at all.

It is critical when buying in another country to work with somebody who is not only full time in the business, but you also can clearly communicate with. There are many aspects to consider when buying property in a foreign country, which not always can be explained in simple terms. Besides the language barrier and cultural expectations and different business practices, a broker who has similar cultural values and experiences can act and negotiate much better for your interests. Please also see our important points when buying property in Uruguay.

In Uruguay, you the buyer and not like in the US the seller, are paying your own brokerage fee (3.28 % plus tax which is total 4 %), so you have the right that he shows you the best match of your requirements and more than only his own listings if necessary. Properties represented by other firms and new construction should also be included. But be aware, that if you walk into a new construction showroom or property represented by another firm without your broker of choice, you might lose the right to be represented by him.

If you select the broker who is going to represent you on your purchase you want to make sure he can also guide or has all the right people to help you with supporting services such as opening bank accounts, escrow (Escribano), home inspectors, immigration, container shipments, home repair workers, architect, and builders, etc.