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Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena another amazing place of Punta Del Este

The most wonderful sunsets of Punta Del Este can be seen from Punta Ballena, a stretch of rocky land located on the western side of Punta Del Este with the best views of the magnificent city. This stretch of land out in the sea has attracted plenty of new owners who feel this is one of the most privileged areas of the Uruguayan coastline.

The East side Punta Ballena under Development

The eastern side of Punta Ballena is not the hidden face because it has always been there facing Punta Del Este. But for many decades it was the wild east side of the peninsula of Punta Ballena. A 50 meter high cliff with grasses and low shrubs overlooking down to the waves that hit violently the rocks and with an ample sight of the long bay of Maldonado, where only daring fishermen would venture. The eastern side of Punta Ballena always contrasted with the other side where Casapueblo, the Club de los Balleneros and several houses are located that have been part of the traditional sights of Punta Del Este. For decades, that eastern side of Punta Ballena was inhabited only for some time with an old discotheque called Las Grutas (embedded inside a cave in the rock and closed over 10 years ago) and a hostel The Chiringo, led by the daughter of the painter Carlos Paez Vilaró. A beautiful beach and a few houses scattered among the dunes had the high cliff on their back. And not much else. The view of the beach slope from the hill Chiringo showed a field used for hand gliding or paragliding.
The reason for the absence of real estate developments in that half of Punta Ballena (about 20 hectares) was due to the dispute between the state and the heirs of Antonio Lussich´s family, owner of the Arboretum Lussich and the entire region of Punta Ballena.
In late 2004, the Supreme Court accepted the claim of the Lussich family and the possibility of dividing the plots for housing projects. Due to this change it has not taken long to see Punta Ballena undergoing a great transformation.
Some of the latest projects on the east side began to develop two years ago mostly from Argentinean enterprises with similar characteristics using terraced structures to blend with the fall of the slope of Punta Ballena and adapting to the landscape.
These projects consist of low-rise buildings (maximum three floors), facing the east, which gives them a particular view of the bay. In the foreground the vast sea appears, then the island Gorriti and just behind the peninsula and in the far end the island of Lobos. At night, the darkness of the sea contrasts with the short distant lights of the Mansa beach line.  Afra, Terrazas de la Ballena, Altamar and Syrah are some of the enterprises that are already under construction. They are all at different stages but will all be completed towards the end of 2014 and ready for occupancy creating a new neighborhood with about 1,000 people.

Adapting to Nature

The municipal regulations allow buildings in Punta Ballena only 1,20 meters above the scenic route, which led to the decision of the balcony terraces. All of the new terraces also provide parking services as well as wonderful recreational areas.
The architect Fernando Romero, director of Syrah, said; “Punta Ballena is an icon of nature and we want to represent that. We used our design criteria of low-impact projects with great respect for nature, where the green, stone and water are the axis of the development. Fine materials, a lot of technology, abundant vegetation and especially many flowers will make this a unique place. “

The projects include an offshore panoramic lift on the eastern slope of Punta Del Este, which will connect the different levels of the complex.
Looking at it from an environmental point of view, it will have no impact due to the low density and the coexistence of the project with the morphology of the place. The urban development plan maintains a unique balance with the regulations established, turning it into a very positive project for Punta Ballena and allowing investors to feel what the privilege of having a house watching the best sea views of South America is.

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