Avoid Dual Agency buying property in Uruguay - Real Estate in Uruguay

Avoid Dual Agency buying property in Uruguay

Avoid Dual Agency buying property in Uruguay by working with a real Buyer’s Agent


Avoid Dual Agency buying property in Uruguay
Avoid Dual Agency buying property in Uruguay



  • Unlike most other Agents in Uruguay, we don’t represent both sides. To avoid a conflict of interest when performing Dual Agency – we represent only the buyer side. After all, clients hire us to represent their best interests. How can we do that when we are sitting on both sides of the table?
  • We have worked Real Estate in the US for over a decade as licensed Broker in California before starting in Uruguay 2012. While Dual Agency is not illegal in Uruguay, there are situations wherein our eyes, it becomes at least unethical.
  • As Expats ourselves we know the different cultures and speak several languages: English, German, French and Dutch
  • We have access to the entire market, not only one firm’s inventory, and offer these properties for the same or better price as found on competing websites. We mainly show and work the Inventory of E&V without having a direct relationship with the sellers. If E&V doesn’t offer the desired property, we work at the same conditions with the inventory of licensed large Brokerages like Sotheby’s, Terramar, Mieres, Farmland in Uruguay, etc.
  • No need to run around with five different brokers to see the entire market – we have access to everything out there!
  • We work only with the best and trusted professional services together to ensure no later issues with the title of the client’s property. We mainly work with one of the top law firms in the country.
  • All relevant paperwork, like pre-contracts and sales contracts, will be translated into the client’s mother language to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • We are on the top in Google Reviews and have a Five Star Rating
  • We don’t charge for property showings or advice, and a client doesn’t have to sign a buyers contract with us.
  • We only charge the standard 3% Uruguay Buyers commission plus the VAT Tax upon successfully completing a transaction.
  • We don’t only specialize in houses and farms but also historic properties, commercial, wineries, and land.
  • After a successful transaction, we help our clients with opening bank accounts, registration with public services and BPS, relocation, household shipments, and if necessary enrollment into public or private schools.
  • After the sale, we also offer property and employee management and bill payment services if required.
  • We built ourselves in Uruguay and have a good network with local Architects and Builders and can connect our clients with honest and professional ones.
  • We even have our own Concierge Service https://www.ccs-uruguay.com/ together with our trusted Gestor Gonzalo Gomez, who also speaks German and Portuguese and is also a well-respected immigration specialist here in Maldonado.

We are the One-Stop-Shop for English, French, German, and Dutch speaking clients. Your Advantages: – No Dual Agency, – Access to the entire market, – Contracts in clients language, – Complete after-sale service – Guarantee Same or Better Price than shown anywhere else.