Alturas de las Garzas

Alturas de las Garzas

The launching of a new concept of small farm houses is just happening very near Pueblo Garzón.

Altura de Las Garzas is a 100 hectares project with 30 plots from 5 to 7 hectares which are interconnected with inner roads and natural creeks, and ponds. The plots are part of an exceptional project to launch farm houses in a tangible natural environment surrounded by wildlife and nature.

The north eastern region of Maldonado has a distinctive habitat, it has native forests on the lowest part of the hills, near the creeks, where plant species are adapted to shallow soil fertility and where runoff rainwater defines certain species that have adapted to these conditions. The overall appearance is similar to a thicket of rather low size, with trees and shrubs growing intertwined amid rocks and ferns, turning Altura de las Garzas into a privileged zone.

The Garzón stream of about 300 meters width goes through Alturas de Las Garzas. In addition to this stream, there is a lake that has not dried out even in the most severe droughts. This fertile terrain gives way to an incredible panoramic view of the region of Rocha since it is in a elevated spot.


Just midway from José Ignacio and Pueblo Garzón, this new project has just been launched to the market. The location is excellent, only 10 kilometers from the wonderful Atlantic Ocean and 50 km from Punta del Este.

Altura de las Garzas is quickly accessed through highway 9 entering a region that has been very high on demand in the last years, sometimes called the  Uruguayan Toscana, with incredible landscaping, hills, gentle slopes and nature. Altura de Las Garzas is very near Pueblo Garzon and also close from Colinas de Garzón.

The Project

This investment was designed with the main aim of offering residents a place surrounded by nature, to visit and relax during their holiday.  A place far from noisy avenues, but not isolated, a place to enjoy the garden or a green house or have horses to ride and explore.

It is the ideal place for a quiet family life, but within minutes of Pueblo Garzón where restaurants and services always await. Rocha is a bit further to the east and also invites with many activities, from the migration of the Right Whale and the native birds migration, or long walks on the ocean and horse back riding on the beach watching the splendour of nature. And Jose Ignacio the hip fishing village offering many amenities is also not too far away.

Reasonable Pricing

Alturas de Las Garzas has the aim of offering these plots with very affordable values without common expenses like other private neighbourhoods have. The spirit of the project is to preserve the tranquillity of the area by promoting open green areas and interconnecting projects.  Alturas de Las Garzas makes dream of a farm life come true.

Alturas de Las Garzas natural beauty is the combination of the forests, the creeks and the streams together with wildlife with comfort and access to the ocean.

Other Possibilities

This land is also good for different kinds of investment. The high quality of its soil turns it useful for grasslands, or artificial prairies, or even livestock, both cattle and sheep. The largest olive grove in Uruguay is Agroland, just 3 miles from this project, so it can be tempting to also plant some vineyards or olive trees. It can be exceptional for breeding horses and there are many investors thinking of developing a stud farm which would have an exclusive nearby public place who focuses on summer resort activities in the countryside.

If the option is not to do much, then Altura de Las Garzas is the perfect excuse to have nothing to do and relax. Maldonado once again offers another way of living and investing for the future.

By Mary Ann Thompson

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