Art Events in Punta Del Este

Art Events in Punta Del Este 2015

Punta Del Este has started 2015 hosting one of the largest art activities globally with the exhibition “Este Arte”, an initiative that was attended by 30 galleries from around the world. “Este Arte” was held on the premises of Punta Del Este´s Polo & Country Club, located near José Ignacio. This initiative keeps adding to the rich variety of art exhibits that every summer fills up the coast of Maldonado, from Punta Del Este, La Barra, Manantiales and up to José Ignacio.

Art Auctions at Conrad

Also on Monday, 12th of January, Castells organized an auction of Modern & Contemporary Art at the Conrad Punta Del Este. During the auction there were major works that obtained good buyers. The highest prices were paid for Miguel Angel Pareja with “Composition Lines” and “Woman, Child, Bird,” which topped $26,000 and $25,000. Also “Boxes “ from José Pedro Costigliolo went for $20,000.

A Classic in Summer 2015: Xippas

As usual, Xippas Gallery is presenting a surprising display at the Tower Yoo in Roosevelt Avenue. This year it is called “Cono Sur” presenting the work of Eduardo Basualdo, Cao Guimarães, Leandro Erlich, Jorge Macchi, Marco Maggi, Vik Muniz, Dani Umpi, Nicolas Uriburu, among others. The exhibition is open from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 22.00 until January 28th.
Since its arrival in South America, Xippas gallery has promoted the artists´ exchange between Europe and Latin America and has developed a program of major artists of the global contemporary art. Xippas has exhibited both emerging and well-known artists and Punta Del Este is the ideal place for this intercultural exchange.

Art Crossing the Bridge of La Barra

La Barra and Manantiales keep surprising collectors and curious visitors during the summer 2015.
The two interconnected beach resorts, La Barra de Maldonado and Manantiales with its great charm and its bohemian style have become the place to be, with galleries, ateliers and small local art displayed. All in all, there are more than forty art venues, which are being organised for night art tours and combining music, films and art displays during nights of summer 2015.
La Barra and Manantiales have grown, aware there is a strong international market where people come from all over the world and managed to break the cycle of the regional market. There have been changes in the last years, the connoisseur of art is here and there is a product for them. Artists and gallery owners got it and are going for more. What was until recently art for Argentinean clients is now diversifying into new markets.
A growing interest from Brazilians especially from Sao Paulo who have increased in number this season and other nationalities like Americans, Italians, French, Swiss and even a member of the Saudi Royal house was in La Barra during “Verano 2015”. Art has those surprises. People arriving in La Barra is the crowd that the painters need, and there is magic in these combinations of factors.

Galleries of La Barra and Manantiales


When the Mansione’s art gallery set foot 30 years ago in La Barra, there were only small houses and some locals stopping by on horseback. Now La Barra with beach front houses and surfers searching waves also offers an after beach art visit and Manzione is a classic representing more than 30 artists. The gallery Manzione is still there at the top of the resort but is no longer alone.

Galeria Sur

Galeria Sur just at the top end of La Barra has works of Berni, Pedro Figari, Torres García and important exhibits dedicated Miguel Angel Pareja, which is currently on display throughout January 2015.

Galeria del Paseo

Galeria del Paseo, which receives each season prestigious national and international artists, has a wide variety of exhibits during Summer 2015. Among the exhibits are: Marcolina DiPierro, Federico Rubio, Ricardo Pascale, Romulus Macció, Genoveva Fernandez, Martin Verges, Rita Fischer, Cecilia Duhau and Juliana Rosales.

More Ateliers

The area of La Barra and Manantiales has plenty ateliers with samples from two or three artists who come together to show their work during the summer season of Punta Del Este.
One of the most striking ateliers is located in La Barra, perhaps because of its huge wooden fronts and vibrant colors. Ignacio Zuloaga paintings are well known to visitors, creating elongated figures, lost in a sea of color, and clear reminiscence of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, however, the color is the protagonist and has the unique strokes of spontaneity of this intuitive artist.
Like him, there are many more other artists and places to discover during summer season in Punta Del Este 2015.
Mary Ann Thompson

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