The Best Beaches in Uruguay

During summer time when the sun is shining on our great Uruguayan coastline it is a good time to select the best beaches in Uruguay.

There are large amounts of high quality beaches to find on the nearly 1,000 miles of ocean and river coastline and since many of these beaches can be easily described as paradise, it is not an easy task to decide and select the best beaches in Uruguay.

Choosing some of them can be unfair since many might be left out. But we will try to make a ranking taking into account various factors such as environmental improvements, water quality, beautiful landscapes and quality of its services.

Best Beaches in Uruguay
Best Beaches in Uruguay


The main beaches of Uruguay begin as the Rio de la Plata mixes with the Atlantic Ocean. We cannot leave Montevideo out, looking at the estuary on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. All the beaches in Montevideo have fantastic sights, despite having an urban category and being pretty crowded in summer. Pocitos, Carrasco and Malvin are among the most popular beaches of the capital of Uruguay.


Following the line of the Atlantic, Piriápolis was the first tourist resort of Uruguay early last century, and is still maintaining that style greatly. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere is similar to Punta del Este, although a little quieter and less bohemian. Beaches such as Playa Verde with its jumble of sand and rocks or Playa Solis, or the always picturesque Bella Vista, with pebbles and clear waters, excel in this environment.

Beach club in Punta Ballena
Beach club in Punta Ballena

Punta Del Este

Only 40 kilometers from there the beaches of Punta del Este, offer a striking diversity. In the city of Punta del Este on the coastline of Uruguay you will find a paradise of high waves from the Brava (rough beach) and the calmer waters of the Mansa. Further to the East and just 10 minutes from Punta del Este, Montoya beach stands out as a favorite for lovers of surfing and windsurfing, while Chihuahua beach on the west is the favorite for nudists and naturists.

La Mansa Beach
La Mansa Beach, Punta Del Este

La Mansa beach in Punta del Este comes in as the favorite one. This is a truly privileged and idyllic region that offers a favorite spot for most of the Uruguayan and Argentine families who spend the summers in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by wonderful neighborhoods with pine forests. The usually gentle and quiet waters offer a magnificent view of Punta del Este.


Jose Ignacio

Further east, José Ignacio, has two magnificent beaches also known as La Brava and Mansa, referring to the characteristics of the water and waves in each. The coastal fishing village, with its proud old lighthouse and the lovely Laguna Garzón, offers barely inhabited places during the year but in summer they become dynamic, bright and cheerful.

Restaurant La Huella at the beach in Jose ignacio, Uruguay
Beach bar La Huella in Jose Ignacio


Away from the noise and large built out areas, beaches of Rocha flag its wild essence and tranquility.

It is really worth visiting La Paloma, for its rich variety of natural landscapes. The beaches of La Pedrera, fully open to the vast ocean, are perhaps a little dangerous due to their normally strong waves but offering wild beauty.

Beaches in Uruguay
Beaches in Uruguay


Cabo Polonio was declared a Biosphere Reserve and protected since 1996 by the UNESCO. This can give us an idea of what kind of place we can find here, unusual and dazzling in beauty, with striking dunes, a relaxing and peaceful style ideal for retreats and or more bohemian and adventurous environments. It is necessary to take specialized trucks to reach the coast itself which is full of sea lions and a village architecture that aims to maintain peace and disconnection of the area, ideal to unwind.


Beach in Rocha, Uruguay
Beach in Rocha, Uruguay

Then Punta del Diablo, almost bordering the beaches of Brazil is one of the best fishing spots in Uruguay and also a place worth seeing.

Although the temptation of “progress and development” is present, it could be a risk of losing this unique identity because the only luxury being there is still just the beaches and its people.

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