Brazilian Tourism Increase this High Season

Brazilian Tourism will make a difference during the high season 2014 in Punta del Este.

High season is here and during these first weeks of December Punta del Este has already received a large number of Brazilian tourists. There are also tourists from other nationalities who complete the number of visitors during the Uruguayan summer but most come from neigboring countries.

Restaurant La Huella Jose Ignacio
Restaurant La Huella Jose Ignacio

In 10 years Brazilian tourism grew 350% from 121 thousand arrivals in 2001 to 426 thousand in 2013. Uruguay wants to beat this mark this high season 2014 to increase the Brazilian tourists to 500 thousand.

To do so, different activities have been coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports promoting packages in different cities to allow visitors to travel easily and to interconnect activities and places along the coast.

Promotional packages and exemption of taxes for car and house rentals and also in catering for events and restaurants are some of the many benefits offered to Brazilian tourists.

This initiative is part of the plan for joint tourism coordination between Brazil and Uruguay during the World Cup 2014 that will triple the visits of tourists in Uruguay.

Several Brazilian magazines are promoting Uruguay in Brazil. A team from the famous O Magazine spent three days in December, visiting various places that can be of interest for Brazilian tourists. They spent more time along the coast of Maldonado to collect images and information that will be seen in the March 2014 edition. The publication will be distributed in Brazil and Portugal.

The top places they highlighted were: Piriapolis, the park and reserve of Pan de Azucar, Sierra de las Animas, the Piria Castle, the Mansa and Brava beach, La Mano, Port of Punta del Este, Gorlero avenue, Isla Gorriti, Ralli museum Beverly Hills neighborhood, Casapueblo, La Barra, José Ignacio, Garzón lagoon, viewpoints of Garzón and Laguna Garzón Lodge floating hotel.

Brazilian tourists are considered the visitors who spend the most while visiting Uruguay during high season.

Research from the Uruguayan government reveals that during the 1st quarter of 2013 the average spending by a Brazilians tourist was US$ 148.90 per day followed by Paraguayans US$ 140.20, Chilean US$ 133.00 and American US$ 129.80. The Argentines are the ones who spent the least: US$ 110.00 per day per person.

How is Punta del Este Preparing?

Meanwhile, the coastal region of Maldonado and Rocha is busy preparing for the high season expecting more Brazilian tourists between December and March 2014. Restaurants, hotels, shops and galleries are updating their offering to adjust to the incoming visitors.

During the summer nights an exciting, lively and worldly atmosphere unfolds as Punta del Este becomes the meeting point for the International Jet Set. A very hectic social agenda, with plenty of festivals, fashion shows, art exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, sporting events, concerts and dance will be held during this time.

But for those searching tranquility Punta del Este offers over 40 miles of isolated and calm beaches to fully enjoy the summer. Sophisticated and natural, Punta del Este is among the best resorts in the world with its beaches and Brazilian tourists seem to have noticed it.

For information on how to obtain more info about Punta del Este or other communities in the area please contact us. 

By Mary Ann Thompson

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