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Argentina is an inexpensive Getaway for Uruguay

Argentina is becoming even cheaper for Uruguayans. The ticket sales increased up to 25% in comparison to early 2014.

The sharp increase of the dollar “blue” in recent months continuously attracts the Uruguayans to cross the Rio Plate and go shopping in Argentina at a very favorable price difference generated by the parallel exchange rate. Ticket sales grew 25% both in airline fares and on the ferry boat from Montevideo and Colonia to Buenos Aires.

Sold tour packages to Argentina to Uruguayan travellers grew around 30% estimated by travel agencies. In Buenos Aires, there are more passengers from Uruguay than from Chile or Brazil, especially on weekends. Also there is a demand for higher rated hotels and they have increased occupancy due to the competitive prices.

What to Do in Buenos Aires

There is plenty to do in Buenos Aires.  See some of the great places to see and visit.

San Telmo Market

Since hundred years San Telmo market is a spectacular place created and shaped by iron arches, beams and columns, that it seems designed by Eiffel himself but is was designed by an Argentinean. The large market (occupies a quarter of a block) was the first of its kind in Buenos Aires. Until recently, there you could find everything from food to souvenirs and vintage items; nowadays it has upgraded to be able to compete with the supermarkets, with the most original food stalls mixed with a flea market, tango displays and music.

Tourists can spend hours walking and browsing among the thousand objects and antiques that are sold there.

Recoleta Strolls

Another place that cannot be missed is the Paseo de Recoleta a place where on the weekends craft stalls and markets are piled around a wonderful park with great views of the of the most upscale neighborhoods in the city, the shopping malls and the very famous Recoleta Cemetery.

Florida Street

Remodeled several times, Florida Street is between Avenida Corrientes and Avenida de Mayo, and it is an icon of Buenos Aires. The street, which starts at the Plaza San Martín, was the first street paved with stone. Like few others, Florida has been changing over time. Less than a century ago, the street was the meeting point of the elegant citizens hence is flanked by beautiful buildings and neoclassical art-nouveau. A few decades ago, especially along the nearby blocks from Plaza San Martin, the hippie movement area became part of the cultural scene. Then the street was forgotten and became popular again, crowded with street vendors and artisans and cheap products.

In the recent years, Florida streets have had a spectacular bloom, with very interesting book shops and original old style coffee shops and theatre shows all along the area. It is always very busy full with tourists walking along the paved streets.

Colon Theatre

The famous Teatro Colon of the capital, after a long period of restoration, was opened again with glamor going against its many competitors and is the pride of all Argentines. The great remodeling work undertaken was finished in May 2010 but the long wait has been worth it.

The project included a complete renovation with the most upgraded artistic and technical equipment. Their repair work demanded five months in which 15 specialists worked hard with lots of dedication and care.

The theatre built with “curve to the Italian” gives the same wonderful acoustics. According to experts resonance enjoys Italian and French clarity. Its dome, which measures 6 meters in diameter and weighs 4000 kilos, has been completely restored by experts, who have made them look great. The theatre can accommodate 2500 spectators seated.

Luckily, they have reopened the tours, so visitors can admire all the details personally, the beauty of the main staircase, the Hall of Busts, the famous Golden Hall with its fantastic chandeliers.

China Town in Buenos Aires

It is by far the leading provider of some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires. There are plenty of warehouses with a wide variety of products and restaurants with large bars and many people including not only buying but eating something. You can find here everything you need for cooking.

On Sundays the restaurants are fully booked with tourists and locals trying out the most exquisite meals. A wonderful place is Lotus Thai, a fine restaurant with Thai flavors and a wonderful set up.

If you are planning to visit Buenos Aires, wait for the next post on Belgrano and Palermo neighborhood and the best restaurants in those areas.

Mary Ann Thompson


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