Clipper Regatta in Punta Del Este

Clipper Regatta in Punta Del Este 2017

Round the World Race arrives in Punta del Este in September 2017

After twenty-five years, Yacht Club Punta del Este recovers for Uruguay one of the main nautical tests in the world. Clipper regatta in Punta del Este 2017 has placed Uruguay on the world calendar of International Regattas and will become the largest nautical event.

The arrival of 12 sailboats is expected to arrive on September 20th in Punta Del Este, each with their 12 crew member on board and the different delegations that accompany the race .

This is a top-level event that will have an important impact both on the sports level and on the additional demand for goods and services. Punta del Este´s local infrastructure, its facilities and the variety of hotels, gastronomy and services are one of the reasons why this lap takes place in the east part of Uruguay.

Hundreds of foreign visitors will remain in Maldonado for about two weeks, which means a significant trade movement for Uruguayans who are looking forward to this unique event.

Clipper is the largest oceanic race in the world recognized as one of the hardest challenges on the planet. There are 40,000 nautical miles to cover and take about a year to complete. The 12 teams on the 70-ft ocean yachts have the most interesting feature: about 40% of the crew are novices without previous experience in navigation.

On board, people of different lifestyles, from an executive to a taxi driver, will make the race more attractive. Also for this reason, Clipper Round the World Race is one of the greatest challenges in the world in sports navigation and a test of resistance like no other.

Round the World Race itinerary

The world route starts in Liverpool towards Punta del Este before heading to South Africa. The ports of Sydney, Hobart, Quigdao, Seattle and Panama will be other stop destinations during the race before going back to Liverpool.

The sailboats left moorings in Liverpool August 20, 2017 and they are expected to arrive in Punta del Este a month later towards end of September.

The port of Punta Del Este will be transformed into a deposit for the logistics for this regatta. These include repair services, supply of accommodation vessels and the feeding of competitors and their collaborators.
There will be a lot of containers with all kinds of odds and ends that these people bring to repair and condition their sailboats.

After 2 weeks, the regatta will sail from Maldonado Bay on October 4th to its next port Cape Town, South Africa.

Punta del Este has excellent port infrastructures, as well as an ideal hotel capacity to welcome the participants of the regatta. In addition, different activities have been designed that will coincide with the stay of the sailboats, such as taking children from the interior of the country who do not know the exit to the ocean so they can see it and visit the boats.
The departure from Punta Del Este will be an incredible event in itself, especially with so many boats.

They will surely sail all together between Gorriti Island and the coast to the starting line located, just before arriving at Punta Ballena west from Punta Del Este´s Port. Like in previous races they will be accompanied by Clipper race followers and fans trying to get good shots. If good wind blows the speed they take is at least 15 knots (30 km / h) implying that following them for a few miles will be difficult with a traditional sailboat.

Uruguayan Crew Member

A young man passionate about the sea and adventurous enough to learn from the international regatta, Fernando, 28, from Maldonado, an accountant who was attracted by the great challenge of crossing the oceans aboard one of the boats of the Clipper Race is part of a crew that will arrive in Punta del Este in the first leg of the 8 that counts the regatta.

Clipper beginnings

Clipper Yacht Race Round the World was established in 1996 by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first person to sail the world sailing solo and nonstop in 1968-69.

The clippers used to be freighters and are the world’s fastest sailboats. It is also one of the most beautiful shows that can be seen in the sea.

Clipper to many is like flying more than sailing, following the advice of Mark Twain, unleash moorings, seize the winds! A sport and a magical adventure.

So untie moorings and navigate away from known ports. Take advantage of the trade winds in your sails with Clipper Regatta in Punta Del Este 2017.

Receiving the race in Punta Del Este will be an excellent opportunity to show not only the beauty of our shores as an international tourist destination par excellence, but also the irresistible destination that makes all who, return.”

Mary Ann Thompson

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