Cruises to Punta Del Este


Tourism cruises to Punta Del Este, Uruguay have grown in the last decade and will continue to do so.

Cruise tourism season for  2013-2014 already began on Sunday October 20th  in Punta Del Este with the arrival of the cruise ship Costa Neo Romantica.

There will be 235 to 240 similar cruise ships in the ports of Montevideo and Punta del Este until April 2014, with the arrival of 400,000 tourists.

According to data released by the Municipality of Maldonado the figures for the upcoming summer holidays represent an increase of 17 tourist cruises compared to the previous season.

It is estimated that only in December 18th six cruise ships with a total of 12,000 passengers will operate in the bay of Punta del Este, simultaneously. The coming season will have bigger ships than previous years, resulting in more passengers arriving.

The First Regional Cruises Conference will be held on the 22nd of November at the Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este bringing together tourism authorities and tour operators to assess the range of services that allow the growth of cruise activity in the region. Most stakeholders involved and businessmen related to these activities will be present as well as officials from the Ministry and the Municipality.

Cruises in Punta Del Este, Uruguay
Cruise ships in Punta Del Este, Uruguay


Cruise Guests represent an important source of income for the commercial and transportation sector, including benefits to storage, transportation, utility and communication companies plus a significant increase in consumer goods produced in the area which are offered to the tourists.

New Destinations

The cruise product has diversified a lot in Uruguay, in the last years the tourist industry has responded to the tourist cruises wishes and allowed creative innovations to develop new destinations within the country, with new and diverse amenities, facilities and services.

Punta del Este has constantly been improving the visiting spots and offering better spaces for the visitors. Whenever a cruise arrives the 1,500 passengers are toured in at least 30 buses from the port of Punta del Este to different sightseeing destinations, from Casapueblo up to Jose Ignacio but new regions have been included such as farms, vineyards,  museums, parks, estancias and remote beaches as far as Rocha.

Why do vacationers choose cruises?

When comparing travel on cruises with other forms of vacation, the cruises are more inclined than non-cruisers, to consider this style of holiday making  for : a) Good value for money b) Reliability c) Security d) Ease to plan and organize e) Relaxation / escape away from it all f) Explore an area g) Holiday to return later.

In fact, surveys show that over 85% of passengers think a cruise is an important vehicle for target areas to which they can return. Almost 50% have the complete certainty of returning safely to enjoy destinations for a holiday as a regular tourist or even investing in second homes.

Who Are the Cruise tourists in Punta del Este?

Brazilian tourists arrive in greater numbers with 38% of the total, Argentina is positioned in the second place and in the third, Europe and North America.  The average age of cruisers is 49.  57% are college graduates and 23% are postgraduates. 83% are married.

In 2012 – 2013 122 cruise ships anchored in Montevideo, representing 54.7 % of those which arrived in the country but this season the number of cruise ships landing in Punta del Este will be higher.

The surveys collected by MINTURD team measure tourist cruisers satisfaction very clearly.

People’s warmth, the architecture and the coast were the highlights for tourists, while the increase in prices was the biggest reason for discontent.

The arrival of the cruises is a unique opportunity to launch Uruguay into the international market, since many more satisfied cruise vacationers are the best promoters.


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