Five Ways of Chilling Out in Punta Del Este

Five Ways of Chilling Out in Punta Del Este

Forget all the hectic summer movement during high season 2015 and welcome the best time of the year to discover the wonders of Punta Del Este.
A good idea is to choose the week after Carnival, when the resort remains quieter, yet all the restaurants are still open. Even March is a very good time to be in Punta del Este. There is less traffic while the entire infrastructure is still fully operational.
Benches and beach walk trails near the port of Punta del Este offer spectacular views of the bay and if you want to take a car ride then Punta has something else to offer. There is no need to rush, forget the noise that takes place in the famous Uruguayan resort.
The hills that embrace the Uruguayan coast have a wide variety of farms producing fine olive oils, wines, cheese and almonds forming a complete circuit for those who look to relax and are searching for gastronomic sensations.
The excess of tranquility and warmth of the small towns around Punta Del Este help rest the mind and let the senses connect little by little.

Olive Oil Circuit

Get ready to lie down under the trees that make lazy shapes in the olive plantations that have decided to circle Punta del Este as a ring of honor. Nearby, colorful houses and roads surround the area inviting visitors to stop to observe the views. The varieties of Arbequina, Coratina, and Picoal have adapted very well to the soil of this area and have placed Punta Del Este in the map once again to promote the local productions of refined olive oil. The olive oil route is a trip with a stop at local production to encounter life in the Uruguayan countryside and learn of the production of quality oil that has been placed on Uruguayan tables. Among the many options Punta Lobos next to Fasano offers a guided tour to the plantation and olive tasting that is now being exported fully to Sao Paulo.

Cheese making

The cheese making of Nono Antonio is the official tourist point in Punta Ballena, warm leather ranch style seats on the wooden decks with country side recollection of working tools at the entrance of the place are only an introduction to what is next. The home made cheese- cream cheese with gorgonzola bread and local production of wine are witnesses of the talent of the host of the place. The owner Marisa Carvalho tells that the name comes from her in-law who was an alchemist; his chemist adventures made him turn to the kitchen and then started working on the cheese production and turned it into a family business.

Eating under the Vines

Posta de Vaimaca, in the heart of Pueblo Eden with tables under the shade of vines really make visitors feel at home while tasting freshly cooked organic greenies and homemade bread while enjoying the views of the hills.

Tea Time at Las Vertientes

Visitors with more time can extend their stay and drive to Las Vertientes known for its five o’ clock tea and views.

Sunset at Las Cumbres and Casapueblo

On the return, a winding uphill road designed among oak trees leads visitors to the next attraction site, to appreciate the views over the nearby Laguna Del Sauce and the unique perspective of Punta Del Este. Also following the sunset Casapueblo is offering a daily strategic viewpoint to see the bay of Portezuelo at sunset.

Estancia Vik

On the other far end of Punta Del Este towards the East, one of the nicest experiences can take place in Estancia Vik near Jose Ignacio. Horse riding and walks to observe birds make a difference at the magnificent hotel farm offering spectacular gazes of the lakes of the Estancia and Hotel. Nearby, to match sophistication with very good food, La Susana restaurant is an excellent option with wonderful views of the rocky outstretch of Jose Ignacio and the ocean.
Punta Del Este remains as a modern after summer destination and host of multiple options in the countryside and towns.

Mary Ann Thompson

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