Investments in Uruguay

Real Estate Investments in Uruguay

The year is almost over and also the cycle of important conferences that has pointed Uruguay on the world map. This time it was the Conference for Global Investors, which was held in 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in Colonia with very important lecturers and guests attending. The next conference will be held in Punta Del Este in March 2015 by THE SOVEREIGN SOCIETY.

For its natural conditions, its high standards of living and solidly structured policies, Uruguay has become a privileged region for all kinds of foreign investment. The real estate business stands out especially with accumulating investment opportunities surging in Uruguay with  purchase of houses, condos, land, farms and apartments.

Foreign investors have found in Uruguay, a country without restrictions, with open policies opened to unlimited participation of foreign capital, with new recently adapted investment laws aiming at the transparent businesses. Even some taxes for investments that are related to certain fields of production are exempt.  In Uruguay, the foreign capital has never been expropriated, as there is a regulatory legislation protecting private investments.

Advantages of Real Estate Investments in Uruguay

Investors from the United States, Europe and Latin America have numerous reasons to bet on Uruguay in their real estate investments. Uruguay offers unbeatable guarantees for the safety, comfort and effectiveness of foreign investments, in addition to various attractive real estate options, which can be purchased.

First, Uruguay has high levels of stability and political transparency. Alongside with Chile, it is the least corrupted country in the continent. The Uruguayan government actively promotes international investment and tourism. The economic system has stable conditions, being the only country in Latin America that escaped the recession of 2008 and 2009, thanks to fiscal discipline and adaptability of its policies.

Another key advantage is that when acquiring land in Uruguay it is not necessary to be a Uruguayan citizen. Any foreigner can invest in real estate without special government approvals or authorizations. The country is characterized by a system of registration of highly secure properties such that owning a property deed assures the buyer all tenure rights.

The Uruguayan real estate market has great stability, with clarity and freedom in the ownership of real estate. In the last 10 years there has been an increase in the search for land, estancias and properties. These real estate options are offered in many attractive regions spread across the cities, the southern coastline and the countryside.

Five Attractive Areas for Investment in Uruguay

Montevideo, the capital and the biggest city of Uruguay, has been chosen countless times, as the most searched city in South America by leading consultants. This is the mostly European influenced city on the continent and therfore foreigners find it easy to adapt to their culture. In addition to the high standards of living, Montevideo offers a large range of real estate options in a wide range of prices, from suburban houses to modern apartments and condominiums and open gate or gated neighbourhoods.

The coast is one of the greatest beauties of Uruguayan territory, with hundreds of miles of clean and sunny landscapes looking onto both the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. Among them is Punta Del Este, the largest resort in South America, offering exclusive properties ranging from small cottages, to luxury mansions or ultramodern apartments and houses. Other smaller beach towns like La Barra, Manantiales and Jose Ignacio are high in trend as well.

Colonia is right now offering great opportunities in real estate. A respectable list of tourist projects are in the pipeline that will add to the hotel chain Four Seasons or the country club El Faro, with golf courses, where players arrive for a day on luxury yachts and private flights. However, a few kilometers from Colonia and Carmelo appears an extremely remote and tranquil region, with increasing visitors and residents who are transforming the region into new modern residences and farms.

Lavalleja has plenty of hills and broad valleys and plains extending towards the north of Uruguay. The valleys are very favourable for agricultural developments with soils and pastures with high rich nutrients. The properties in rural areas also have variety for agricultural production with an excellent infrastructure.

Rocha is another great place to invest. This region in east of Maldonado is the ideal for setting up an agricultural business. Also its proximity to the majestic ocean fronts, sandy dunned beaches and wildlife, makes it ideal for rustic, urban, and tourist developments.

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