Punta Del Este Summer Season 2017 is on!

“Petite” Uruguay is amazingly charming but relatively unknown outside South America, but for the two neighbouring giants it is a must-visit destination during Punta Del Este summer season 2017.

Uruguay has a striking coastline with white sandy beaches, and as a result, it is a desired holiday destination for well-to-do Latin Americans.

The appealing combination of Uruguay’s beaches, nightlife and charming historic towns has increased interest for holiday seekers across the region looking to the summer season 2017 in Uruguay.

Brazilians search for places along the Uruguayan coastline appreciating the differences, from the prospering Punta Del Este, famous for its luxurious hotels to the rural and relaxing setting of Cabo Polonio, but with one thing in common: charm and beauty. Yes, Uruguay is one of the most interesting countries where you can still enjoy beautiful sights wherever you go.

Favourable Economic situation

The exchange rate in Argentina, the recovery of the Brazilian currency and better conditions for internal tourism play in favor of a successful 2017 summer season in Uruguay.

The pace of President Macri’s government-led economic reforms showed positive signs in recent months. A stronger Argentine peso benefits Uruguay and makes it more competitive when purchasing goods and services.

On the Brazilian side, the loss of value of the Brazilian real decelerated and the currency began a process of strengthening against the dollar that generates some relief for the Uruguayan economy.

In particular, Paraguayan tourism in Uruguay is of particular importance, surpassing 45,000 visitors annually, as they are the longest staying tourists and the most money spending tourists.

Also in Uruguay, the summer season attracts locals to find nearby spots instead of travelling abroad. With the arrival of summer, thousands of Uruguayans migrate to the beaches especially in the first half of January.

The price increase of other destinations such as the United States and Europe also leads Uruguayans to look for options nearby against the alternative of vacationing abroad.

This is in addition to a succession of positive data in the field of expectations that insinuate a rebound in consumer confidence. All of these suggest that the stars are aligned so that summer season is remembered as one of the best in the history of Punta Del Este.

Rocha at its Best

The coastal cities of Rocha with a more developed infrastructure and substantial services are ready. La Paloma and La Pedrera are meant to be the star resorts of this summer season 2017 with a mix of university students and artists, who are looking for a combination of beach and partying.


According to the projections, the summer season in Uruguay summer should be a success, surpassing even the figures recorded last season.

An increase of 29.9% in international tourism is projected for the December 2016 till April 2017 compared to the same period of 2015 till 2016, with an increase of Argentine arrivals of 37.5% and 23.6% in the arrival of Brazilian visitors.

The total number of visitors to Uruguay between January and October reached 2.6 million, representing an increase of 11.1% over the same period of the previous year. If the trend continues, 2017 summer season will be better than the previous year.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has considered Uruguay as a case study since Uruguay receives more visitors than the current population of 3 million inhabitants.

Summer Events for Punta Del Este 2017

• POLO OPEN Eight teams compete for the best place of 2017 in Punta Del Este Polo & Country Club from January 5th till 10th
• Movistar Summer Festival Jamie Jones Ernesto Ferreyra, Momo Trosman takes place January 7th
• 20th International Film Festival of Punta Del Este held February 12th till 18th, 2017.
• International Sport & Classic Car Week, January 6th and 7th
• Mozarteum Summer Concerts at Hotel L’Auberge January 5th until February 18th

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