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Conference of Quality Meat from Uruguay

Cattle Production in Uruguay

Uruguay is best known for football and magnificent beaches from Punta Del Este rather than the Uruguayan cattle, but over the years, Uruguayan sustainable agricultural production and cattle breeding have become the country´s best bet.
Uruguay has a landscape and an ideal climate for breeding which results in excellent quality in meat which is exported to different markets such as Russia, China, U.S.A and Brazil to mention a few of the 130 world markets.
Uruguay has intensified livestock production with full-cycle pastures and significant semi-intensive and diversified agricultural production process. The investments in machinery and infrastructure for all their products: meat, milk, wool and genetics have one thing in common: Production in a natural environment. The landscape that Uruguayan farmers have inherited also has helped, offering a unique combination of rich agricultural land and forest areas, which creates a perfect balance for effective productive growth.
The meat sector represents 21.5% of all exports of Uruguay and has positioned itself as the world 8th beef producer, being Sao Paulo’s restaurants one of its best clients. The reasons why Uruguayan meat is on demand is no secret. Cattle are raised on natural pastures, with a mandatory traceability system in beef which is unique in Latin America and with an outstanding sanitary status. Uruguayan meat is free of hormones, antibiotics and any kind of animal protein.
These improved management systems for meat, milk and wool has positioned Uruguay outside the borders allowing to venture into very demanding new markets.

International Conference of Meat Science and Technology at Conrad August 14th 2014

Uruguay was the host last week of the ICoMST 2014, International Conference of Meat Science and Technology, this time having Punta Del Este as the meeting point.
The director of Meat and Wool Program of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA), Fabio Montossi, recalled that Uruguay “is being identified clearly in the world for its productive system, with its modern industry, for having a clear strategy and seeking promotion of these niche markets of high value.
During the 60th World Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) developed until last Saturday at the Hotel Conrad Punta del Este, Montossi said that, ” solid research has been made that actually confirms the goodness of how Uruguay produces and processes meat products. ”
The ICoMST 2014 was a big goal of the organization because it involved key people in the world who are the key advisers of international organizations and who contribute to the opening of new markets for Uruguay.
On the other hand, the president of the Organizing ICoMST 2014 Committee acknowledged that the consumer demands have increased sophistication.

Advantages of Uruguayan Meat Production and Exports

With an increase in the demand for meat there is also a search for a product with a clear path of production and how it is processed along the chain.
The Uruguayan beef has tools such as traceability to differentiate into the world market. A Japanese or Korean buyer in a supermarket using the barcode for meat produced in Uruguay can get information of who was the producer in Uruguay and how the animal was fed.
Applied research should be welcomed and strengthened further because the new changes are going to give a new level of nutrition genomics and particularly the interaction of all disciplines. It has become increasingly difficult to generate a paradigm shift in productivity and efficiency and this is clearly the way.
Uruguay´s aim is not success but to follow a path of excellence in cattle production and the welfare of animals has a lot to do with this. The predictions are that Uruguay will increase by 50% the beef production within the next 5 years.

Animal Welfare

One of the most important topics during the ICoMST 2014, was the implementation of Animal Welfare techniques in all processing plants worldwide. Since 2001, Uruguay has looked for different solutions to improve the conditions of livestock in the whole production chain to give the animals the best treatment and also in this way lessen the stress factor that also has an impact on meat quality.

Estancia Las Rosas example of quality and Animal Welfare

Just two hours from Montevideo the Estancia Las Rosas owned by Princess Laetitia d’Arenberg, is a 10,000 hectare agricultural enterprise that works with four breeds in cattle selling approximately 300 tons of outstanding quality meat per year.
Upcoming event Rural del Prado September 2014
Expo Prado brings together all activity in the manufacturing country and therefore is one of the highlights of the year. This year, the traditional expression of the livestock potential that comes hand in hand with the genetic evolution of the different breeds of Uruguay. Among other proposals, there are auctions, contests, technical conferences, business news, fashion, entertainment, rides for younger children, the Prado Educa , Prado Musical show at night, and international cuisine and more. The Expo Prado will be held in Montevideo from 3rduntil 14th of September.
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