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Punta Del Este is already announcing spring and the sunsets are even more beautiful at this time of the year. Warmer weather, whales portraying at the bay of the Mansa, recurrent motor bikers from Porto Alegre, international sport events, festivals and shows are a only some of the reasons to enjoy the magical encounters with the sea in Punta del Este.
Punta Del Este uses all its original proposals to attract visitors arriving on a weekend escapade or other visitors looking for convenient investments or apartments for the summer 2016.
Whatever the reason, the Mansa beach, the Brava waves, the magnificent and glamour’s gardens of the Golf are the perfect excuse to drive around and enjoy slow food.
Though many restaurants are closed during winter time, Spring is arriving and this is the time of the year when plenty are highly active and enthusiastic and showing their passion for culinary transformations. Without doubt, spring is the time to get to know restaurants revelations of new trends in the region with restaurants renewing their menus in anticipation for the high season 2016 in Punta Del Este. So it is worth driving around the region of Punta Del Este looking for great flavors. Photo Restaurant and Winery Narbona in Punta Del Este.




For the most authentic of the Uruguayan food you must visit Macachín, in Maldonado. This restaurant by Chef Adrian Orio is responsible for rescuing the natural flavors of local products. Under the slogan creative Uruguayan food, Orio prepares the menu based on fresh elements getting from local producers. His talent flashes into special creations such as boiled corn with olive oil ice cream or the grilled catch of the day to name a few of the exquisite delicacies. The balance of sweetness and acidity embodies the surprise omelet filled with homemade ice cream and tangerine butiá on a gofio “pionono” with a perfectly combined chocolate sauce along with the typical Tanat wine variety of Uruguay. You cannot miss this.


On the podium of tradition Lo de Tere specializes in seafood products since 1993 in Punta Del Este. Located at the port, overlooking Gorriti Island and the Bay of Maldonado it has preserved the decoration of the 40s. Each of the four rooms offers the perfect setting to enjoy food and premium wines of the region. In this restaurant you can find the best of regional products such as shrimp from Valizas, crab from Lagunas de Rocha, lamb from nearby rich pastures or the exquisite white Atlantic salmon.


The route continues then towards the wavy bridge at full speed depending on how hungry you are. An attractive decor announcing on the board of the door “Today Kassler with baked potatoes” is a clear sign that El Chancho y La Coneja is the best option in La Barra just passing the bridge. El Chancho y La Coneja has created its own culinary style with a selection of gourmet dishes unfolding in relaxed environment.
The preferred highlights of its visionary owner Karina Semirozum is the unique feel done with her love and skills all year round.
With its rustic entrance, wooden deck and a warm and versatile interior, the aromas and the warmth of the place is a classic meeting point. The Tacuabé salads and lamb taco or the shitake pizzas go well with the caipirinhas with fresh taste of the limes.


Elmo Restaurant in Uruguay
Elmo Restaurant in Uruguay



Continuing towards the east, on highway 10, Elmo is a lovely hidden place at the far end of the area of Manantiales where we can find the best goat cheese combined with the catch of the day options.
All the pizza flavors have fresh tops. The garlic shrimp ravioli with smoked cheese and sun- dried tomatoes with cream nuts is a classic at Elmo. The rich passion fruit “Caipis” are a delight and a great match with the casual atmosphere and the dim light.







La Huella in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
Famous Restaurant La Huella in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay


About a 15 minute walk along the sea coast town of Jose Ignacio nestled by the sand dunes this paradise appears around the corner. In this kind of retreat from modern life, two chefs raised the concept of a natural food hide away.
La Huella, is no longer a secret, it has becomes one of the most exclusive places in South America. His star is Alejandro Morales, chef chosen by the prestigious Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in the top 10 in the region. Beyond any fashion, what he produces, is the result of years of experimentation. Go along, and chill out with the sound of the sea, sitting almost on the white sands of José Ignacio, and enjoy this ideal place to sample seafood onion cakes or grilled sea bass.








La Olada is a restaurant in the rustic woods just before Jose Ignacio with a cozy atmosphere. It has tables outside and a fire which gives it a unique touch.
With a simple and rich menu, recommended dishes include pumpkin with goat cheese and the catch of the day such as delicious black sea bass and grilled mackerel and fresh shrimp from the lake nearby.


Near Punta Ballena, just meters from Portezuelo, the beach where the sun lies down to sleep Medio y Medio opens its garden, restaurant and jazz club all year round. We highly recommended the grilled squid sautéed with olive oil, with glazed onions, garlic and parsley and cheese and leek crepes. The desserts are a must, and the favorite is the frosted cake with layers of caramel, chocolate and jams.


There is also an option to stop in the heart of Punta del Este to experience the sweet heart of Punta del Este, Late can be found in a cute house half hidden behind some tall pines and bushes that shelter a beautiful garden. Yes indeed, things are happening here, this amazing place brought by the visionary Diego San Martin connects to the pleasure of the palate and the senses. In Late almost everything is chocolate. The variety of over 40 different chocolates, from classic to the subtlest or most bizarre taste, depending on the client (jasmine tea, ginger, spicy chili, gorgonzola cheese, mango, honey or Bailey’s, just to name some). Late Chocolate is highlighted by the incredible presentation of their products working with different types of Belgian chocolate and dried fruit from Agroland. The work is entirely handmade: molded is painted so every piece is unique. Late is an excellent option but not only for dessert, they also have a wonderful breakfast and lunch menu.


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