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Zonamerica in Uruguay One incredible piece of the developed world on the outskirts of Montevideo has influenced the stock exchange and replicated positively in the region. Zonamerica, located near the humble neighbourhood of Villa Garcia, the estate of over 90 hectares with 200,000 square meters of modern office buildings and huge storage facilities unfolds like Read More

Museums of Montevideo to visit

Museums wide open in Montevideo There are plenty of museums to see in Montevideo, from the traditional ones, such as the Museum of Art History and Museum of Municipal Archives, to the original exhibitions, such as the Open Air Photo galleries and Carnival Museum in the Old City of Montevideo. Montevideo is celebrating this week Read More

Sofitel Carrasco, Uruguay

Carrasco, a seaside resort designed for the upper classes of Montevideo In the first decades of the twentieth century, the eastern coast of Montevideo was a remote place, in an area of sandy and inhospitable marshes. Then the idea of building a seaside resort designed for the upper classes was planned to avoid going to Read More