Team Haverkate in the New York Times

Team Haverkate was mentioned again in the latest New York Times article “House Hunting in Uruguay.”

Our listing, a historic, from the late 1800s completely restored property in the Pueblo Eden area, called sometimes the Tuscany of Uruguay, was featured in the NYT. See link to the article.

Michael Kaminer, the journalist from the NYT, did a great job with this editorial. However, we respectfully disagree with some statements made by other companies, one of them not even operating in the area and based in our neighboring country Argentina. The statement by the director of “Reporte Inmobiliaro”, that “Things went from bad to worse in 2020 because of the pandemic” might be for whatever reason the case for him but definitely does not reflect the view of most local brokers here in Punta Del Este and is simply not the case for sales to International clients. The statement by “CuriosityVillas”, mainly a short-term rental company, which saw their volume going down by 90%, might be correct for the short-term rental business but not for actual real estate sales to foreigners.
We, who are daily and physically in the market here in the Punta Del Este area have not seen so many sales to International Buyers in the last years as we have seen in the last 9 months! Many properties, which have been for sale for quite some time, have been selling lately.

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