The Garzon Club

The Garzon Club is the new top wine “members only” club in Uruguay

Alejandro Bulgheroni, the owner of one of the best new wineries in the world, just created a new high end “members only” wine club, The Garzon Club, in the Bodega Garzon Winery in Garzon, Uruguay. Bodega Garzón is a 500-acre vineyard in the 10’000-acre estate, 30 minutes from chic and famous Jose Ignacio on the Atlantic Ocean.

The vintner’s program, which is part of the newly launched Garzon Club PGA Golf membership, allows members to make their own custom wines under the guidance of Bodega Garzon’s winemakers. The membership entry fee costs US$ 200’000.

According to Bulgheroni, it’s up to each member to decide how involved they want to get, and they can participate in the harvest, the blending and up to the private label design. It is also possible to make wine from Alejandro Bulgheroni’s other wineries around the world in California, Mendoza, Bordeaux, Italy and Barossa Valley. This way you can make a southern hemisphere wine in spring, and a northern hemisphere wine in summer. For a wine enthusiast, it’s the only chance to make wine from 12 different appellations.

You can store your custom wine in your own private cellar inside the winery to enjoy them with your friends for a dinner party in the private candlelit member’s areas surrounded by wine barrels overlooking the vineyards. The goal for a member would be to enjoy his wines made from all over the world, and with the help of Bulgheroni’s sommeliers, see how they evolve over the years. And while there will be activities for members at Bulgheroni’s other wineries, Garzon in Uruguay is the new home of his luxury wine club vision.

By Ralph Haverkate


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