Soccer World Cup – Uruguay’s Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez from Uruguay

Uruguay was paralyzed last week during the Uruguay – England World Cup game and Luis Suarez the scorer of the match has without doubt become the national hero of Uruguay and has brought tears of emotion for all Uruguayans.
There is an incredible love story behind his success. Luis Suarez fought his way up to be able to play in Europe and the reason for that was only to reunite with the girl he fell in love with at age 15.
Before swearing love to the Uruguayan shirt, Luis Suarez swore to a young blonde girl with a tender smile. More than a future wife, Sofia Balbi became the main reason for his every day fight and progress that made him succeed in football.

Difficult Times

It is a love story that started when he was 15. At that young age he encountered lots of problems in his live. He was shattered because his father Rodolfo had separated from his mother, leaving him and his six siblings under the care of his mum. Mired in poverty, Luis played football in Uruguay for National a well known Uruguayan team, but also swept streets and guarded for cars on the street to earn some money and help at home.
Due to depression, Suarez was giving away his free time drinking and going out at night. He wanted to leave school and football but one day in 2002 he met a blonde 13 year old girl that captivated him from the start.
He met her at the perfect age, at the right time, because she guided him along the way, helping him to go back to school and training and making him realize who his friends were and who weren’t.
Sofia Balbi had a completely different upbringing, she came from a steady and solvent family but he conquered her and they became a couple.
He would go about selling his things to buy her gifts to show her he loved here. Luis was a happy teenager and rebuilding his life and making good progress. But then Sofia´s family decided to move to Barcelona in 2003 to look for opportunities because of the economic crisis that hit the region. He cried terribly and failed his training once again.
His coach at that time Promo, also told him, “Focus or get out of here”. This is a famous phrase that Suarez always quotes. Then again he devoted his time to training and this time did not stop. His goal was to leave Uruguay to be able to see Sofia. Fortunately the internet saved the relationship and his only motivation was to become a good player so he could play in Europe. Meanwhile some team leaders from the National League made arrangements so he could travel to Spain. And he did go several times.


Suarez moved to the first category in the the National League and in his first season he scored 12 goals in 34 games. Some agents of Groningen in the Netherlands “went crazy” for him and at 19, he was taken to Europe.
At that time it was not easy to travel to Barcelona to see his girlfriend. He then asked her parents to let Sofia move with him to Holland. He did not speak much English, but she did and it was always his salvation.
People could not believe she was only 16 and he had just turned 19 when they went to live together. Beside her, his rise was impressive. He scored 15 goals in 37 games and a $10 million dollar contract was signed for Ajax. In his new club he stood out even more. He scored 111 goals in three seasons and was team captain at 23! When scoring, the goals were and still are always dedicated to Sofia.
They married in March 2009 and Delfina their first daughter was born in August 2010.
The seasons of 2009 and 2010 were brutal, he scored 49 goals in 48 games. There is no doubt: the blonde tender smile was and is still her secret to many goals Luis is shooting. Luis Suarez, the poor and troubled boy, is nowadays famous worldwide.
We are hoping for good results in the Quarter Finals!


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