Where to buy Real Estate Now for Profit

Where to buy Real Estate Now for Profit – Uruguay Safe Haven for Real Estate during this Crisis according to International Living

International Living, one of the largest online Expat sites, just recommended “Where to buy Real Estate Now for Profit” during this unprecedented Corona Virus crisis and Uruguay is one of the Five suggestions. In uncertain times, not only investors look for a safe haven but also a lot of people who live in dense North American or European cities. They start to realize that a lifestyle in a little country with first-world infrastructure, great Mediterranean-like climate, more than 60% middle-class population and has been a beacon of stability with an abundance of natural space, could be the answer for the future.

Here is a link to the article in International Living.

In combination with the recent news of our new government offer for foreigners, similar to Portugal a few years ago before real estate prices skyrocketed, we expect that real estate prices in Uruguay will go up as soon as the borders open again and international travel resumes. Buying value during a crisis is the smartest thing you can do. Please contact us about some really interesting current opportunities we have.

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