Fully Restored Historical Farm in Uruguay

Florida , Uruguay
ID: 2689 6Beds 5Baths 500 M2Area Built 2390000 M2Lot Size
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This fully restored historical farm in Uruguay presents a main house that was constructed around 1850 -1875 and was part of a large parcel of land used to raise sheep. In 2004 the architectural firm of Willy Ray Ashfield designed and supervised the renovation of the house and all new systems were installed during renovation including electrical, plumbing, bathrooms, etc. but all of the original good elements have been kept or repaired. The house offers central heating using a wood fired boiler. Two heat zones make the house very comfortable in winter. The main house has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and service quarters. There are an additional four bedrooms and a bathroom within the central compound. The main kitchen and pantry is large and well equipped. It has gas stove for cooking as well as a large wood fire stove. It also offers two large structures for tractors and tools. There are several outbuildings for additional help etc. The grounds around the house are park-like with many trees and plantings. The land has both cattle and eucalyptus trees. The trees were replanted 3-4 years ago in association with UPM. The sale of cattle and calves provides some income and the sale of wood in the future will provide a larger income. There is good grass for animals and water from a stream that borders the property. There are also two windmills that provide domestic water from a deep well and water for irrigation from the stream.

It can also be considered to become a touristic attraction like a bed and breakfast or a total farm experience for a family.

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Property Features
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