New Gated Community near Pueblo Eden is Selling Plots

Pueblo Eden , Uruguay
ID: 6619 50000 M2Lot Size
For Sale
USD 180,000


This new gated community near Pueblo Eden is selling plots of each 5 hectares and provides water and electricity services. This rural subdivision “Las Taperas”consists of a total of 36 farms of each 5 hectares land. The total size of this development is 186 hectares. Planned in two stages, the first consists of 23 hectares, where plot number 21 is and the common space for use and enjoyment by the owners. The neighborhood is an open concept and the owners can enclose or outline only a certain area so that there is no interruption of the continuity of the space and the visual beauty of the natural land. The developer cares for and protects existing water streams and native forests, populated by ancient trees. The constructions are governed by a strict Architecture Regulation that takes care not only of the design but also of the construction systems, materials to be used, colors, etc. so that every building blends into the natural concept and surroundings. The venture has electricity and water and important infrastructure to provide services to the owners: Park Maintenance, Housekeeping, Wood Supply, laundry, and all the necessary services to enjoy without having to spend time running and managing your home. There are already some plots sold and constructions will start soon by its owners. Please contact us for additional information.

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Property Features
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