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Alexa Sanguinetti


Type: Company
Contact: Alexa Sanguinetti
Punta Del Este, Uruguay


Award winning architect, Alexa Sanguinetti was born in Punta del Este in 1960 and earned degrees in garden design (agronomy) in 1979, urban and regional planning in 1987 from the Buenos Aires University, and a landscape architecture degree in 1980 from Inchbald School of Design in London.

As a member of Clorindo Testa from Buenos Aires, she was awarded “Le Murale” competition in Florence Italy in 1986.  Awards included being selected as home architect of the year 2000 from the La Nacion Journal and for two Coleccion Bicentenario houses in the Clarin Journal, 2010.

Sanguinetti’s style in both home and commercial buildings are described as having pure lines, both sensual and transparent, often framing vistas and distances through windows and sliding glass walls.  The liquid volume of the sea is repeated in a lateral view of a swimming pool in one beach-front home.  A road seems to converge from an office window, like a painting, in a downtown commercial building.

Sophisticated and contemporary, Sanguinetti’s designs invite classic interior decor.  Her classic homes are found throughout Punta del Este, often overlooking seascapes.