Horacio Ravazzani

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

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Horacio Ravazzani

In the tradition of Argentina architecture, the role of the late Horace Ravazzani is difficult to define as he was both a disciplined intellectual and architect committed to the local landscape.

Ravazzani gave voice to the Punta del Este topography, although his work had been largely ignored.  He faced smaller-scale issues with the same integrity and interest with which he envisioned the future of this special place.

Ravazzani remained independent of stylistic temptations.  His houses are built almost personally, as in the work of many artists, developing a theme with endless variations, and offer different ways to connect landscape with daily life. His buildings always fit the landscape without forcing an abstract relationship.

Architecture is not separate from the art of living or the environment, for Ravazzani.  He taught young architects “the language of the materials” to master the craft of architecture and the connection between lifestyle and quality of work, between authenticity and its effect on form.

On many architectural explorations to Montevideo, Buenos Aires and the Uruguayan countryside, he taught his protégés to look at how people experience the places they occupy and encouraged the possibilities of architecture as a way to enhance life.  Ravazzani showed the connection between a building or an urban condition and the ideology that supported its origin.