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Martin Gomez

Martin Gomez Pustilnick born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 7, 1959.

He attended primary and secondary schools in St. John the Precursor of San Isidro, Argentina Model School and ends at the Institute Bayard. Received in 1985 at the University of Belgrano, having worked on the study Cesco of Buenos Aires during his career. Take there appears at different competitions and 84 years from their projects begin to be marked with first prizes. Upon receipt decided that before proceeding is necessary to take away as unviaje undertakes that for a period of 5 years you will live in countries like India, Nepal, China, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and cities across the United States. The tour, seemingly capricious, is laden with significance and now fourteen years later, appears as a graduate phenomenal. Landscapes, people and cultures, architecture and design for our own realities before appearing in the Architect’s work back to the West that applies with respect seen and learned. In 1990 he set up his study in Uruguay provided there is a desire for ever. After the first 6 years of work in Uruguay opened a studio in Buenos Aires. The success comes early, reflects the attitude of life with which Martin Gomez takes work, commitment, engagement and empathy with the project.

Martin Gomez is clear that beyond the buildings, their profession makes man landscape constructor.