Punta Lobos Olive Oil – Liquid Gold

Camino del Cerro Eguzquiza
La Barra, Maldonado

The Italian Mario Cohen has his own olive oil mill in La Barra in Punta del Este and has surprised with the quality of its olive oil “Punta Lobos” situated right next to the five star Hotel “Fasano” in La Barra.

Mario (The one with the beret) and his family had a villa in Tuscany. He grew up watching the production of olive oil, but his life always made him turn the other way. He lived in Brazil, for years and was in the television business.

Then through his cousin, Martin Braun, he found this place and it changed his life. Until recently there were only three people working there: Martin, Blanca Isabel Alvarez de Toledo and me.

He always thought there was something Mediterranean in this part of Uruguay that he started to import olive trees and planted them. The result was a complete failure. He had done everything wrong. He gave up and bought some land on Route 39. There he founded the Sierra de los Caracoles, and it became a success.

He learned the secrets and he started all over at Punta Lobos. The result was amazing. Today, Punta Lobos exports almost all of his olive oil to Rio de Janeiro and also sells it to Rogero and La Bourgogne.
Now they have inventory. He took the French concept of buy once the bottle and then recharge it. People come here and make their own blend. He also opened a store in San Carlos, next to the Cathedral.