A new Center in Rincon del Indio

New Development in Rincon del Indio

Rincon Del Indio, Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Argentine and Uruguayan investors are awaiting the start of the mega project in Rincon del Indio neighborhood east from Punta del Este. The investment exceeds U$S 200 million and will represent a relief for the construction industry for 2014.

The proposal which is now under consideration by the local authorities of Maldonado includes residential complexes, a condo-hotel and several business ventures and a free trade zone. In fact, this proposal becomes the first of the micro centers allowed by the Local Land Use Plan and Urban Development together with the Aparicio Saravia highway.


La Barra 05 Project

The micro center in Rincón del Indio was named  La Barra O5 Project.  It covers an area of ​​116,267 square meters of which 30,214 m2 will be occupied by the free trade zone offices, 70,770 m2 for the shopping area and  15,262 m2 for the resort-condo-hotel and residences. Despite the magnitude of the work, which includes six blocks of sixteen floors and the mall, the project will respect green spaces to preserve  the characteristics of the place.

The project of Rincon del Indio will be built in an area bounded by Avenue Aparicio Saravia and José Cuneo streets between the roads 30 and 31 of La Brava.

The layout of the Aparicio Saravia project is part of the ring highway that will link Punta Ballena to Rincon del Indio and all the resorts located east side of the river Maldonado. The perimeter route, which links Punta Ballena, Maldonado and Rincon del Indio, will radically transform the area of Punta del Este.

The new center in the Rincón del Indio includes turning the northern area of El Placer into a gastronomic and nightlife center with views to Maldonado and La Barra. Rincon del Indio will have similar features like José Ignacio with sea front and the lake behind and very close to the bridge of La Barra interconnecting both areas.

Across the avenue Aparicio Saravia and opposite El Jaguel Park and the future Convention Center the “Biosphere Reserve” which covers all the wetlands surrounding Maldonado will be highly protected and preserved as an ecological reserve.

Neighbors against the new development

As expected, residents of Punta del Este have been collecting signatures to oppose the construction of high rise buildings in Rincon del Indio. They feel it is unacceptable to consider such micro center project although the region has sufficient land for 20 years of development. They also feel that this will affect the essence and the natural qualities of Punta del Este and that the new shopping mall in Rincon del Indio will compete with the efforts of existing businesses in the area. And they fear that Rincon del Indio which is generously rewarded by nature will lose its identity and turn into cement.

It is clear that the construction generates thousands of jobs and their multiplier effect moves an important part of the economy. It is time for authorities and neighbors to sit together to discuss and agree what future they want for Rincon del Indio.

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