5-hectare finca on the banks of Egusquiza Hill

La Barra , Uruguay
ID: 8242 500000 M2Lot Size
For Sale - New
USD 320,000


On the banks of Egusquiza Hill, which is accessed through the well-known Egusquiza Hill road, we find this 5-hectare finca, adjacent to the private neighborhood of El Quijote. This finca has a series of attributes that make it particularly attractive. It has good vegetation and is surrounded by natural watering holes, which form a highly attractive landscape. From the highest point, there is a panoramic view of El Quijote and the surrounding area. In the lower area, you can see Egusquiza Hill, a large watering place in the surrounding countryside, as well as a group of vegetation that is especially picturesque in autumn. The finca has double access, through a local road or through El Quijote. It is located 10 minutes from La Barra, beach and services.

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Property Features
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