Art Galleries in Punta del Este

Art Galleries

Punta del Este stands out for its landscapes, its beauty and its coastlines and nature, but anyone visiting this city will notice art galleries are everywhere, giving inspiration to those who see and appreciate their beauty.

Punta del Este is a great center of art, with world known museums, art galleries and temporary displays on the streets.

Contemporary artists are no longer seeking to portray reality but trying to express how great your inner world is, adopting new styles such as abstract or sub-realistic art.

In Punta del Este visitors can find more than 70 art galleries exhibiting works by contemporary Uruguayan and foreign artists with innovative techniques in textured oil paintings, acrylic applications, photographs, carved sculptures and recycled materials among others.

Galeria del Paseo, Manantiales, Uruguay
Galeria del Paseo, Manantiales, Uruguay

Gallery Nights January 2023 Punta del Este

Gallery Nights Punta del Este is a unique and special event for art lovers visiting Punta del Este. This is an innovative circuit lane that runs from La Barra through Manantiales and up to Punta Piedras, making 35 stops in Art Galleries.

Every January there is a new edition and it is free. It is a great opportunity to share an evening with friends and a glass of wine, enjoying art and interacting with their creators.

Many of the workshops, galleries and ateliers can be recommended, Milo Locket an artist from El Chaco Argentina, whose work made him an unprecedented sale success during the last season. Nacho Zuloaga with his vibrant colours and vibrant expressions or the incredible view from the terrace from Adrian Martinez Bojko´s atelier.

Also, in Manantiales, Galeria del Paseo offers an incredible display of Latin American Contemporary Art. 30 artists with different techniques interconnect in an impecable balanced style.

Gallery map Uruguay
Gallery map Uruguay

 3 top  places visitors can not miss in Punta del Este.

Museo Ralli which has a permanent exhibition of contemporary art and major masterpieces of Surrealistic Art,  houses a collection of excellent artists, namely, Dalí, Botero, Robinson, Juárez, Cárdenas.

Casapueblo has been a centre of dialogue among visitors and its creator. Each corner of the Museum and Atelier shows the print of Carlos Paez Vilaró. A place that cannot be missed.

This coming season Fundación Atchugary’s  exhibition integrates numerous new acquisitions with artists of international reputation showing a journey into photography, sculptures and paintings.

gallery night - punta del este
gallery night – punta del este

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By Mary Ann Thompson

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