Convention Center in Punta del Este

The construction of the Convention Center in Punta del Este will start in December 2013.

There are seven bids to build the Convention Center in Punta del Este.

Two business groups presented yesterday their bid for the management of the future Convention Center. Also seven companies from Punta del Este and Montevideo submitted their bids to be in charge of the construction of the Convention Center in Punta del Este.

In the next 35 days the proposals will be analyzed and verified to see if they meet all the needed requirements.

The Convention Center is an important challenge for Maldonado and the whole country.

The Mayor of Maldonado, Oscar de los Santos estimated that the beginning of the construction of the Convention Center could start by December 2013.

He formed a trust responsible for managing the assets, which include the use of land and financial resources for the executive project and construction of the Convention Center.

The total amount of the investment for the construction of the Convention Center will be about U$S 27.5 million according to the Municipality and the Ministry of Economy. The trust has already got U$S 17 billion from the Conrad as payment for the private Casino extension permit until 2036, as well as the sale of properties owned by the Municipality.

Punta Del Este Convention Center
Punta Del Este Convention Center


Investment Opportunity – Land owned by Municipality on sale

AFISA (Investment Fund Management SA) released yesterday the information of the 42 plots of land owned by the Municipality of Maldonado. The sale of the land will help obtain the rest of  the resources for the Convention Center.

Ten of the plots will go on sale as resources for the Convention Center and Market premises and another 32 for the construction of social housing in the region of Maldonado.

Six of the ten plots for the Convention Center are located in Punta del Este, two in  Jose Ignacio, one in La Barra and the rest in the area of Punta Ballena.

The rest of the 32 plots to be sold to obtain funds, will be also be located in different areas of Punta del Este.

Nine plots are located in Jardines de Cordoba, 7 in Punta del Este, 3 in La Barra and the rest in Laguna del Diario, José Ignacio, San Rafael, Punta Piedras and Pinares del Este.

This is a very good opportunity of investment for bidders of these plots, prices are in general 40 percent below the price of similar plots and the county is accepting the best bid for each of them. Bank financing is also accepted.

The information of the land is  available as from September 30th on. The deadline for the submission of offers will run until October 25, 2013. For more information on how to obtain details from each plot please contact us.

By Mary Ann Thompson

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