Easter Week

Easter Week In Uruguay

Easter week in Uruguay starts on the 12th of April this year. It is a very important holiday break for Uruguayans and it is called in many different ways, the Tourist Week, the “Criolla” Week and even the Beer Week because of the beer festivals taking place in Paysandú. But for most Uruguayans this is a time to venture into their own country, going to the beach or camping on the banks of rivers and streams.

Easter week options for touring around are intense in Uruguay. Montevideo doesn´t stay behind offering plenty of activities besides the classic film festivals and the rodeo shows at Prado and Roosevelt Park.

But Easter Week can be a good opportunity to learn the Uruguayan countryside.  Archaeological, ecological, wildlife reserves and water parks sites are some of the options.


Between 1,000 and 2,000 people a day are expected to attend Rodolfo Talice´s Reserve in Flores this year. The wildlife reserve Rodolfo Tálice, which has a total area of ​​65 hectares and has 1,500 animals from 140 species, is located 2 miles from Trinidad. The reserve can normally be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, but on Easter week it is open every day, with a free admission.

Hot Springs and Ecotourism in Paysandú.

The hot springs of Salto and Paysandú are a preferred destination during Easter Week. In Salto, the Acuamanía Park also offers swimming pools with waterslide attractions. Also in Paysandú, on highway 4, forty miles north of Guichón and near Termas de Almirón, the Queguay Pérez Montes is a must see attraction. It is a unique natural heaven with a historical and archaeological site, offering a wide variety of ecotourism activities for all ages. Bird watching, fishing, horseback riding, boating, and observing native flora and fauna, are some of the options for this place, which is being integrated into the National System of Protected Areas.

Laguna Negra in Rocha

In Rocha, among the many classic offers, an original one is to visit the natural areas of Laguna Negra, also known as Ulma. It is a three-day ride to the north of the lake. The model of the walks is taken from South Africa and its design was made by the ranger, Juan Carlos Gambarota and the guide Cristián La Cava. They tour the timber trees, the hill of the Dead around the Black Lagoon, where they camp. The region has a wide extension of native forests and wonderful meadows and sandy coastlines and many species of fauna and flora.

Butterflies in Maldonado

The Butterfly Farm, located in Buenos Aires at kilometer 169.5 of Route 10, is one of the attractions of East Maldonado. It’s a place where they breed and maintain both butterflies and native birds. Butterflies are all native. There are about 16 species of butterflies and over 32 different species of birds. During Easter week the Butterfly farm will be open as from 11am. No admission fee is charged but visitors can collaborate.

Archaeology in Lavalleja

8 kilometers from the center of the Valley of Minas the Thread of Life, is an archaeological site that contains a number of paths leading to indigenous energy fields. There you can see almost a hundred mounds of stone, that according to some historians are linked to indigenous rituals and are similar to those found in other areas. The base of the hill is rocky quartz stone used by the Indians to make weapons and tools such as arrowheads, spears and axes. There will be guided tours at the hours 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00 during Easter week. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear for walking in the countryside. The cost of the trip is UY$100 per person.

Anchorena Park in Colonia

With wide variety of flora and fauna in its 1,370 scattered hectares, Anchorena Park is one of the attractions. Located only 26 kilometers from Colonia, Anchorena has surprising places like the Memorial Tower, the spring on the San Juan River, the Chapel, the ranch house and  the arboretum, which brings together 250 different species of trees. The deer are part of the landscape and more than 75 species of birds can be seen.

Blu Park in Punta del Este

The opening of the new site attraction park at Roosevelt Park is almost ready .Workers were rushing the last week with the final adjustments to be able to launch if before the start of Easter Week on the 12thof April 2014.

There are many attractions at Blu Park. The one that can be seen to the left of the main entrance is a 18 meters high lift. The elevator with space for 12 people starts spinning on its axis, before a dizzying freefall. It will be one of the most modern parks of the region.

For more information on where to go during Easter Week please contact us.

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