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For those who have not been in Punta Del Este with its oceanic beaches and glamor, and for those who feel they know it, I have bad or rather good news. There is so much more to discover than what appears on tourist brochures and one way to do it is on a bike.
Riding a bike in new places and the most hidden corners is an endless finding because there is always more to see.
The tourist-cycling aspect of the region of Punta Del Este, especially on the inland areas, are probably the least travelled and only known by the locals. Eroica Punta Del Este draws a 50km semi-circle of nature where man has created an endless number of attractions for pedalling.
This includes both the residential and commercial area of the Peninsula comprising “Calle 20” (20th Street), or the so-called Fashion Road, as well as the surrounding countryside and mountainous area, and even asphalted avenues and alleys.
Discovering the up-market residences and buildings with manicured gardens and tree-lined parks are a delight for visitors. The undulating land, sometimes smooth and sometimes more abrupt, is also the ideal environment to feel the contrast between the heat and the cooling sea breezes that awaken the senses and open the lungs.


From the 6 kilometer coastal promenade that surrounds the Peninsula from the “Parada 1” of “La Mansa” beach, with the iconic monument of “Los Dedos” in “Parada 4” of the oceanic “Brava” beaches, to the hills east of Punta del Este, this route will give you a full scenery of the region. Passing by the Port and its area of restaurants, this eastern route offers the permanent view of the “Gorriti” and “Lobos” Islands, towards the 10 km in direction to the humped Bridge of “La Barra”. Riding along the Eguzquiza Road there is an area that has little to envy Tuscany with the most exclusive hotel complexes. Once you pass by the hills that give the name to the road, while leaving behind the beautiful setting of the private neighbourhood of “El Quijote”, you can start descending towards the neighbouring city of “San Carlos” passing by lakes and farms. Here is an example of a modern country house for sale within El Quijote overlooking the natural reserve:

Top Modernist Home with Amazing Country Views

Before entering the urban center of San Carlos, a recently paved road connects to the right with Route 104. Ruta 104 offers another endless series of relatively short and steep ups and downs on the asphalt roads boarded by long standing sweet smelling Eucalyptus trees, passing by the Sculpture Park of the Pablo Atchugarry Foundation as you suddenly catch sight of the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean in Manantiales. At this point, if there is still more energy left, you can head towards José Ignacio along the coastal road that passes the most famous and trendy beaches of Punta Del Este.


“Eroica” chose Punta Del Este because it is the second Tuscany of the world. Eroica Punta Del Este is hold for the first time in South America and Punta Del Este as the chosen destination in the most privileged landscapes of the world. It will host this celebration and passion for cycling in which fans from everywhere will be in the privileged Uruguayan resort for this original non-competitive challenge on Saturday December 3rd and Sunday 4th.
Eroica Punta Del Este seeks to re-live the values and essence of classic and epic cycling. It is an invitation to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding sea, beaches and mountains through charming routes and to experience the thrill of conquest.
The program of “Eroica Punta Del Este” comprises around two days of celebrations and passion for cyclists from all South America and all around the world and they will meet in Punta Del Este in a unique occasion and venue.
Eroica Punta Del Este, considered as a national tourist attraction by the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, is part of the activities promoting “Uruguay Natural’s” brand. Eroica Punta Del Este combines a race of different circuits and a festival with a display of old bikes, gastronomy, art and music as well as a parade of bicycles of all styles. Those wishing to participate in the event must have a vintage racing or touring bicycle (made before 1987) for the three circuits, and of any style of bikes (classic, touring, delivery bikes) for the shorter circuit. New designed bikes are accepted, as long as they respect the dressing code according to the time and style of the bicycle, accompanied by accessories (hats, beard and moustache looks, etc.).


The leisure route is ideal for riders of all levels on vintage bikes. However, the challenge should not be underestimated. The old bicycles will take you back to two centuries of adventures, yet its undulating topography will present some challenges. The route explores the beach town La Barra and its countryside, passing through a series of olive groves and stopping by a cozy baker’s shop in Manantiales and finally heading straight to the festival venue for some good food.
With the same points of departure and arrival in the Peninsula, for the race from sunrise to sunset, one can choose one of the four circuits (40, 90, 145 and 215 kilometers) that have as common objective the discovery of routes and places of the department of Maldonado, crossing dirt and asphalt roads from east to west. Each tour has stopovers – agro tourism activities, wineries, private towns such as Pueblo Eden – where participants must stamp a road book or passport and take a break.


“Eroica” is a non-competitive cycling event. Its creator, Giancarlo Brocci, driven by his desire to perpetuate the values of old-time cycling with the purpose of protecting the territory and roads of Tuscany created this project. In 2014 “Eroica” cycled beyond the borders of Italy and conquered Britain, Japan, United States, Spain and in 2016 arrived in Holland, South Africa and now in Uruguay (Punta Del Este).


Thanks to the partnership with one of the most important destination management travel agencies and vineyards, “Eroica Punta Del Este” is able to offer you the best choice of hotels and services to make your stay during the event a magnificent one.
It is the best time of the year to visit Punta Del Este and participate in the event that seeks to recreate the values and essence of epic cycling along one of the most famous destinations in South America. If you fall in love with the area and are interested in realestate in uruguay, please contact us at any time.

By Mary Ann Thompson

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