2016 Events in Punta Del Este

2016 Events in Punta Del Este – Say YES to Punta Del Este


Good weather has lent a helping hand to recent events in Punta Del Este. The coast of Punta Del Este received a large wave of visitors during the last few weekends and will continue to do so from both sides of the border. Natural attractions, ocean front views and a calm atmosphere just weeks before the high season 2016 starts, set a perfect stage for sensational dream weddings to take place drawing the famous from both Brazil and Argentina to choose Punta Del Este and Jose Ignacio to get married.

Punta Del Este offers outstanding services and infrastructure for celebrations before the summer season. This generates hundreds of jobs and a positive turnover for service providing companies.

There is a large list of specific services required prior to, during, and after the events, which Uruguay has met for its patrons and is receiving year after year better feedback. Restaurants, flower shops, hairdressers, rental car companies, taxi services, waiters, catering companies, and cocktail experts are all in high demand. These pre-season events provide an important incentive for boutique’s, hotels, and nearby hostels to open their services earlier. Villa rentals have also increased since many visitors prefer lingering some days after the wedding and find quiet places with a countryside setting but not so far from the sea.

Weddings also generate significant activity at the international airport of Laguna del Sauce. Several small jets came and left with party guests from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Jose Ignacio streets were crowded with hundreds of visitors also due to the long weekend in Argentina. Hotels and restaurants were full to their capacity just as in summer. The enchanting streets exploded with bustling and curious visitors near the magnificent light house and beaches.


This time, the new bride was the sister of a television star Susana Gimenez, Carolina Frank, who celebrated her wedding at the Parador La Huella in Jose Ignacio with two hundred guests.

In the meantime at the “Serena” hotel on the Mansa Beach, the marriage of Bartelle, a Brazilian entrepreneur`s son of industrialist Peter Bartelle, was celebrated. The groom’s nephew is Alexandre Grendene, Conrad Enjoy shareholder and one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Brazil.

The Brazilian celebration began Thursday in the chalet “Grey Rock” Brava Beach boardwalk, home of the groom’s mother. On Friday night the couple entertained their friends with a party at “La Huella”.

In the complex “Laguna Escondida” there was another wedding party held by a family of Uruguayan ranchers with more than 600 guests.

At least eight important foreigners’ weddings as well as pre-wedding parties are to be held before the 2015 ends

In case you are a hopeless romantic venturing into the beaches of Punta Del Este and if planning a wedding here, please bring the candidate with you and make sure he can afford any of these places.


IRONMAN competition was the center of attraction making Punta Del Este the ideal place to welcome more than 1,400 triathletes in swimming, cycling and athletics stage.

Ironman 70.3h was successfully held in which about 1,500 athletes from thirty-four countries, most of them Brazilians taking part in the three races between Punta Del Este and Punta Ballena.

Unfortunately, strong winds made it impossible to tame the swim race which did not take place for security reasons. There were around 5,000 people, including athletes, organizers, journalists and family taking part of this event.

Despite all the talk of weak seasons, this event as the previous marathons and tournament had a positive impact on the hotel industry and supermarkets of Maldonado.

On the other hand, the circuit for FORMULA E is set and scheduled for December 19th. Formula E represents a significant investment in terms of tourism because the race will be televised in more than 100 countries and the arrival of thousands of people are expected. In 2014, it brought together 22 thousand people in the audience, including press and guests.


The summer in Punta Del Este has always been a stronghold of celebrities of various nationalities and areas. The 2015-2016 season will be no exception; already confirmed the presence of various celebrities in the main Uruguayan resort among which we find people linked to art (Carla Bruni), football (Ezequiel Lavezzi, Diego Forlan), television (Marcelo Tinelli, Nicolas Repeto, Susana Gimenez ), tennis (Ion Tiriac) and modeling (Valeria Mazza).
The beauty of Punta Del Este along with the great infrastructure in luxury hotels and restaurants makes it the ideal place to enjoy various celebrities among which, as every year, highlights of Argentina nationality.

The landscapes are beautiful but they are still more when the human hand intervenes to improve habitability with creativity and exquisite taste. Uruguayans go out of their way to help and make everyone feel at home.

What is most important is that visitors leave Punta Del Este with big smiles on their faces and a promise to return…

Mary Ann Thompson

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