Golf Courses in Uruguay

Uruguay is an often overlooked jewel in South America, but its golf courses shouldn’t be overlooked. From lush green courses to breathtaking coastal views, Uruguay’s golf courses are among the best in South America. In this guide, you’ll find an overview of the best golf courses in Uruguay, as well as detailed information about each course, including design and amenities. Whether you’re planning a golf vacation or just looking for the perfect spot for your next round of golf, this guide to Uruguay’s golf courses will help you find the perfect course.

Gof Cours in Uruguay
Club del lago Golfclub Uruguay

Outstanding Golf Courses in Uruguay

Uruguay has magnificent golf courses with beautiful surroundings, perfectly fit for this growing high-end tourism.

The Uruguayan territory is home to some of the most stunning golf courses in South America, with unique features to suit the preferences and needs of each player.

At present, Uruguay has several exclusive golf clubs in the best conditions designed by famous architects. The golf clubs are part of the Uruguayan Golf Association, founded in 1950 and responsible for preserving the high traditions of this wonderful sport. This association is responsible of organizing national and international events developed in Uruguay, in their various categories.

Some golf clubs are some hours from the main cities, near holiday destination areas and most of them are located in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, streams and valleys while other golf courses are within the cities.

Best Golf Courses in Uruguay

Club de Golf del Uruguay

Located in the heart of Montevideo, Club de Golf is precisely in the incredible residential area of Punta Carretas, just some meters from the coastline of the Rio de la Plata and a few minutes from the financial center of Montevideo.

The field features an area of 6,635 yards and 18 holes, one of which has the distinction of being chosen among the best 500 holes in the world according to Golf Magazine.

Golf Club from El Cerro of Montevideo

Club de Golf del Cerro of Montevideo is one of the oldest in the country and opened in 1910. It lies on steep slopes in between leafy and old trees that populate it, generating great attraction for golfers. The course has 18 holes and its scoring record is 67. Two of their holes are located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, which gives a special atmosphere and views of the bay of Montevideo.

The Tahona Golf

La Tahona built in 1996 and five minutes from Carrasco International Airport is set in one of the most exclusive private neighbourhoods of Uruguay. The golf course was developed with a very peculiar design in which each of its eighteen holes is winding between houses that turn their gardens to the golf course, giving the golfer a changing frame beauty on every hole.


Cantegril Country Club

It is located on San Pablo Avenue very near of the center in Punta Del Este. Designed by Luther H. Koonz in 1947, the course has 18 holes and is a hilly golf course with lush maritime pine forestation. Among its featured holes, is the “Little Devil” (number 17), kidney shaped green with a double bunker. Meanwhile, the 18th hole is called “Enchantment” by having a hill on both sides of the fairway with spectacular views of the gardens of San Rafael and being away just about a thousand meters from the sea.

Laguna del Sauce Golf Club

In the vicinity of the Laguna Del Sauce, 10 minutes west from Punta Del Este, Laguna Del Sauce Golf Club has a huge field of 7065 yards where the 18 holes are distributed. The professional golfer José María Cantero held the course record in 1995 with 63 strikes. The course was opened in 1983, surprising the regional golf for its typical American design, which is quite rare in South America.

The Hotel from Club del Lago is a luxurious and sophisticated five star hotel with 75 rooms, which allows golfers a unique tourist experience of relaxation and sport. It has a unique topography with an important feature, a golf course with 20 holes, allowing for 3 circuits, all different from each other. Uphill and slopes with quite generous greens and with a significant amount of bunkers and six artificial lakes contribute to enhancing its spectacular beauty and to be attractive to overcome obstacles by golfers.


Four Seasons Golf Club in Carmelo

The modern Four Seasons Golf Club in Carmelo was opened in 2000 with the aim of becoming one of the most important golf courses in South America. Four Seasons is located at km 262 of highway 21 in Carmelo, Colonia.

The course of 7,158 yards has also gentle slopes and the natural beauty surrounding it consists of wetlands, native trees and lakes. The International American Golf Course Design was commissioned to design the countryside enhancing of the natural landscape to create a real challenge for golfers. Multiple features make the field of 18 holes a delight for pros: with surface of bent-grass, hybrid Bermuda fairways and white bunkers.


Golf Events in Uruguay

The international golf championships are of national interest in Uruguay with important sponsorships. Uruguay has represented great golfers during the last 50 years.

In 2014, ten countries of Latin America took part of different events playing simultaneously on three golf courses receiving more than 200 golfers each day.

Golf in Uruguay has developed greatly and is following the latest trends and therefore Uruguay has positioned itself as a golf destination.

Los Tajamares Golf Club, the first PGA club outside the United States

Uruguay offers its visitors a truly remarkable golf experience with the Garzon Tajamares Golf Club. This exquisite golf course was designed by renowned professional golfer Angel Cabrera, who has won both the Masters and the US Open. Los Tajamares Golf Club is proud to be the first PGA club in a country other than the United States.

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