Great Tourist Tax-Incentive for Foreigners

Great Tourist Tax-Incentive for Foreigners when Travelling to Uruguay in the Summer-Season 2018/2019.

Did you know that there is a great tourist tax-incentive for foreigners visiting Uruguay as they will receive a partial refund of the VAT tax when paying with a foreign credit or debit card. The VAT (Value Added Tax) called locally IVA of 22% is charged on hospitality services in Restaurants, Hotels and Rental Cars. The Uruguayan government offers a partial direct refund of 9% of the VAT starting in December 2018 and these special tourist incentives are guaranteed by the Ministry of Tourism until end of April 2019.

The discount appears instantly and directly on your POS sales debit or credit card receipt, so that there is no annoying messing around at the end of your trip on the airport. Hotel accommodations by itself are completely tax exempt for foreigners who can present passports or ID’s issued abroad within the incentive period.

A Partial refund of the price of a property rental of 10.5% is offered to foreign individuals, provided that the lease contract is made through a registered local real estate agency and paid by foreign credit card. Be aware that the real estate agency may charge you a few percent for using a credit card.

The most popular credit cards in Uruguay are Visa and Mastercard while American Express and Diners are not accepted in some places.

The Ministry of Tourism provides this information on Benefits for Tourists.

Uruguay is a wonderful place to visit during the summer season starting in December through April. If you are looking to rent a nice apartment, beach property or estancia/chacra, please contact TEAM HAVERKATE and they will be happy to find you the right place. Enjoy the beautiful beaches and sunsets, the many parties and culinary experiences as Punta del Este and its surrounding beach towns La Barra, Manantiales and Jose Ignacio are considered the new hot spots of South America.

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