Rocha – Land of Opportunity

Rocha the Place for Investors

Rocha located east from Punta del Este, has become in the last years the perfect place for high quality-tourism investment, offering a wide spectrum of tourist developments, hotels, restaurants and stores.

Much of the 170 mile coastline in Rocha belongs to Argentineans who, attracted by the low prices and proximity to the shore, believe that there is a lot of potential in the Rocha region. Investment groups for senior housing projects, plots on the shore, resorts next to Laguna Garzón, farms on the ocean front, long term investment building homes for people with high economic profile are only some of the projects being developed.

Prices have risen rapidly as well; such is the case of El Caracol beach. Five years ago a plot of 500 square meters was selling for US$500. With the arrival of entrepreneurs and expectation on the building of Garzón’s bridge, prices increased considerably. Now the most valuable plots are worth US$80.000

New Bridge Lake Garzon in Rocha, Uruguay
New Bridge Lake Garzon in Rocha, Uruguay

Rocha has indeed become one of the highest productivity potentials in Uruguay. In fact, the land main exploitation is the agricultural production. Rocha’s geography, the ideal weather conditions, clay-free soils with great drain capacity, large lakes that provide irrigation water of unbeatable quality, all make up the perfect background for the growing of different crops. All farms have access to water, infrastructure and equipment. Its proximity to Brazil also contributes to business interaction and a more dynamic approach to developments in the region.

Access to Rocha is available by land, sea and air. Main access routes are convenient and are in excellent conditions. The electrification network reaches all villages and towns. Digital network for data transmission, internet access, residential and mobile telephone service serve the entire region. Optical fiber connection is largely available as well.


 Some benefits for investors


  • Tax exemption for productive and tourist investment for a period of ten years.
  • Grant of land needed for building access roads and installing factories.
  • The Coastal Regulation allows access to state-owned lands on the oceanic coast provided an investment project is submitted
  • Ongoing consultancy and support during setting up a business.
  • Labor training by local employment agencies.
  • Business incubator with special focus on software and tourism development.

Types of investments in Rocha


1. Cattle breeding is the most traditional enterprise activity. Outstanding quality products are the result of natural breeding systems on largely improved pastures.

2. Non transgenic rice is the main crop in the region and Uruguay is among the seven largest exporters in the world, having at this moment a strong market presence in Brazil.

3. Dairy in Rocha is expanding, mainly as a result of foreign investment and suitable lands. Uruguay exports more than 60% of its milk production. The government also offers great opportunities related to the setting up of companies to process and produce all kinds of diary products for the region.

4. Vine and olive tree production is visibly growing. With approximately 4,000 hectares of cultivated land, Rocha is now home to the largest olive tree growing concentration in Uruguay. Rocha has an area of as large as 200 thousand hectares with olive trees . Olive oil manufacturing plants such as Agroland, mainly export their production plus three new plants which are under construction are part of Rocha’s olive oil production network.

Agroland Garzon, Uruguay
Agroland Garzon

5. Eco-tourism

Bird watching has attracted visitors in the last decades, more than 220 species of migratory and resident birds dwell in Rocha’s lakes and marshlands. Rocha boasts the largest concentration of black neck swans, seagulls, sandpipers and white monjita. Various other species choose the area for nesting.

Marine fauna watching: the arrival of the southern right whale and franciscana dolphins can be seen every year. The islands in Cabo Polonio are home to hundreds of sea sharks, sea bass, mussels, shrimps. Another example of new tourism development is The Laguna Garzon Floating Hotel

Beach in Rocha, Uruguay
Beach in Rocha, Uruguay



For more information on how to obtain more info about Rocha or buy a house in one in one of the new communities like Las Garzas in Rocha, Uruguay please contact us. 

By Mary Ann Thompson


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