The Best Uruguayan Wines

The Best Uruguayan Wines You Must Earn Today

The best Uruguayan wines are made from different originating regions. Each region in a given country makes sure that they craft a wine bottle to the best of their ability. They also nourish their unique grape varietal so they can use for a more prominent bottle. It is why each winery regions are known exclusively for the wine labels they create to show off their country’s winemaking culture.

One of the countries and regions in the world that makes an excellent wine label is Uruguay. The wine production in this country had started in the 18th century. Their winemaking culture is influenced much by the Spanish vineyards along with Sokolin Tuscany Wine. There was also a touch of French winery culture when France introduced Tannet in 1870, which has become an essential Uruguayan grape varietal nowadays.

The wine industry since 1970 had started to boom until this day. They have produced exceptional and high quality of wines which most wine lovers love to drink. It is also said that beginning 1988, the INAVI or Vitivinicultura National Institute’s has worked primarily with the State growers to help every vineyard in Uruguay so they can produce a modernized and highest quality of wines.

The Uruguayan wine today has made Uruguay one of the powerhouse countries in South America when it comes to winemaking. Other regions in the world operate vineyards in large scales; however, Uruguay vineyards are smaller and mostly owned by two or three families only. The quality of their wines makes Uruguay a prominent winemaking region in the whole world.

The vineyard production of Uruguay only makes around 10, 000 hectares of grape varietals. It has a total of 270 wineries which crafts some of the world’s most elegant wines. Nowadays, Uruguay has developed several wine labels which do not only mark a taste to all wine lovers — but becoming part of the history due to the taste and quality they deliver. Below are the highest esteemed wine labels that Uruguay has ever crafted.

2015 Viña Eden Chardonnay

The name itself of the wine carries a pure Chardonnay grape varietal. It is a bottle of Uruguayan wine that can bring so much surprise to the palate of every wine lover. It even describes a taste full of precision with the freshest taste coming from the main ingredient used, which is Chardonnay.

It is a vintage wine made by Uruguayan winery that shows off a fresh balance taste from citrus, pineapple, and coconut. The taste of this wine creates an exciting finish inside your taste buds. It is why most people wanted to taste this wine as this does not overwhelm their palates at the same time comes in a strong taste.

1997 Estancia La Cruz Florida

The 1997 Estancia La Cruz Florida is the most boasted and notable Uruguayan wine ever made. It is purely made of Tannat which is the essential grape varietal grown by all Uruguayan vineyards. It is red wine that exudes a pure taste of berries, cherries, and chocolate essence.

You will see this wine being served on any occasion in a very Uruguayan table. It can also air with dishes like pork, lamb, and beef because it has strong tannin content. The full-body content of this wine can comes strong in the palate and make sure that you only drink what’s recommended to avoid being drunk.

Bouza Albariño

It is a wine label from Uruguay made mostly of Albariño grapes. It is a famous white grape varietal that initially came from Iberia. It is also popular in Australia and California, and most vineyards are using this grape to make a perfect bottle of Albariño wine. The Uruguayan vineyards have developed this type of wine with the inclusion of peaches and prominent botanical aromas.

Alto de la Ballena

The Alto de la Ballena is made from Uruguay’s main grape varietal which is Tannat. It is also added a small celebrated grape variety called the Tannat-Viognier. It is a bottle of wine you can exclusively taste in Uruguay. It is aged early and comes in the highest quality. The Alto de la Ballena is an esteemed Uruguayan wine you must try tasting now.

Bodega Garzon

It is the sexiest white wine from Uruguay that’s purely made of Albariño grape varietal. The crispness of this wine comes lovely in one’s palate. You can appreciate the charm of this wine as it stays longer in your mouth. It is also one of the most celebrated Uruguayan white wine of all time as it can best pair with the best dishes that Uruguay has.

Bodega Bouza

Bodega Bouza wines are the most popular wines you can find in Uruguay. It is purely made of Tannat grape varietal. This wine also comes in both red and white wine labels, which give out a full blast of taste inside your mouth. Make sure to grab this wine label to taste what Uruguayan winery culture has to offer fully.

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