Uruguay Topped the List on Businessinsider.com for Best Countries to Live In

The 20 best democratic countries where Americans can go after the pandemic, where the weather is good and life is affordable

Australia and Uruguay topped the list on businessinsider.com

Uruguay is a wonderful place to explore and is quickly gaining fame as a global leader in quality of life. It offers excellent transportation infrastructure, exceptional health care, and a safe and secure environment for those looking to explore the country. Uruguay provides a high level of economic and political stability, making it a safe and enjoyable place to visit. Additionally, Uruguay’s diverse landscapes, culture, and vibrant cities offer something for everyone. With its combination of natural beauty and modern lifestyle, Uruguay has become a top destination for travelers looking for an unforgettable experience.

• If you want to leave the United States – for any reason – this list can help you find an inviting country where life is not too expensive, and the weather is good.
Business Insider has ranked the top countries for Americans – once travel from the US to other countries is allowed and the coronavirus is under control.
• To find the best places, they looked at five metrics that they think are important in finding the next best country after the pandemic.
• Australia and Uruguay were the highest on their list.

If you plan to leave the United States after the pandemic travel ban is lifted, consider one of the following countries that they have listed. Among other things, they have good weather, welcome newcomers, and are not too expensive to live in.

The United States has one of the highest cumulative cases of coronavirus per capita, a sharp rise in unemployment, and is already feeling the negative economic effects of the pandemic. For this list, they examined five statistics for democratic countries, including average temperatures, living costs, admission of migrants to a country, valuation of a country in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, and declining daily cases of coronavirus. They then rescaled each metric to a five-point scale to get an overall score for all metrics and find the top countries.

Based on the five statistics, Australia and Uruguay topped the list because it is close to the ideal temperature, has a low average number of new cases of coronavirus per capita, and have a higher immigration intake than other countries on their list.

The cost of living in Uruguay is 34.8% lower than in the United States. The country also has good weather, with an annual temperature of 63.8 degrees Fahrenheit in 2016. Uruguay also has a low number of reported daily cases during the pandemic compared to other countries.

The United States Department of State said you can travel to Uruguay for 90 days without a visa. If you want to live in the country temporarily or permanently, you can visit the country’s official website for information on the different requirements and permissions

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