Land with a private coastline on Laguna del Diario

Punta Del Este , Uruguay
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For Sale - New
USD 2,000,000


This is a unique opportunity in Punta del Este to acquire an urbanized plot with 120m of exclusive private 120-meter coast on Laguna del Diario, affording the best sunset views and located just 30 meters from La Avenida. With a total area of 28,539 m2, it is located just 150 meters from Rambla Mansa, at Parada 40. This land is ideal for those who value a privileged location between the lagoon and the sea and who want to make a dream come true by building a unique property in an incomparable environment. Furthermore, the property is located in an area where exclusive projects are being built, and developers are evaluating the region for its beautiful surroundings, stunning sunsets, direct contact with nature and the distinctive Punta del Este woodland. Proximity to access to Montevideo and the Laguna del Sauce Airport, adds additional value to this unique location. There is also the possibility of including an additional 1.5 hectares with a house with a large extension facing the lagoon and La Avenida if desired. Important Notes: – Public services on the land: Water service from OSE and electricity from UTE single-phase with their respective connections. In the street access, there is also sewage, as well as fiber optics. Municipal Regulations: Due to the zone of the land that is indicated within the regulations as Sector Balneario, Subzone 3.1.6, corresponds to “Barrio Jardín (others)”. In it, It allows the construction of 1 isolated house (or a group of 2 paired houses) on every 1000 m2 of land area, in this case about 28 isolated units or 54 paired units, not allowing the construction of blocks (buildings). The main parameters of the municipal regulations are the following: – FOT (Total Occupancy Factor): 40%. – FOS (Floor Occupancy Factor): 20%. – Up to 2 floors (LL + UL) are allowed. – Maximum building height of 7 meters – Main level, must be at least 1 meter above the maximum rising level of the lagoon. – In the case of subdivision, a certain area of land must be ceded to the IMM to carry it out.

Property Features

Property Features
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