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Garzon winery in Uruguay

URUGUAY WINERIES – TOURIST WINE TRAILS OF URUGUAY In recent years, Uruguay wineries have developed Wine Trails in striking landscapes connected directly to winery owners for tourists to enjoy wine and nature and interaction with locals. Uruguay´s privileged geographical position between parallels 30 and 35 and its maritime climate, has turned it into a leading Read More

Uruguay Export

Uruguay Export – Uruguay moving forward Uruguay export is moving forward, there is no doubt about it. In recent years, this small country has not only increased its primary exports and found new markets but also found new services to offer abroad. Challenging times have made Uruguay get new approaches to becoming part of the Read More

Uruguay Zoo

Uruguay Zoos are closing for a better future Uruguay announced in 2016 that it will continue efforts to close down its zoos and free all captive animals. Uruguay already closed 4 county-run zoos and Paysandú and Rocha are the first ones. More Uruguay zoos such as the ones of the cities of Libertad and Ecilda Read More