Rocha Leading destination

Rocha Leading Destination in Uruguay according to Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet placed Uruguay in eighth place – as the best place to travel in 2016. For the second year in a row Uruguay is one of the top ten countries to travel to according to a survey released by the prestigious international travel guide Lonely Planet.

Uruguay’s ease in travel, combined with Brazil and Argentina as its neighbor, Uruguay has a guaranteed flow of visitors in search of the special charm of the region.

The Lonely Planet guide considers quality and prices of the different services offered – ranging from small locations in Canelones to the more popular destinations like Punta Del Este, and Rocha. Feedback from the visitors of these areas are one of the primary resources for the information they collect.

Uruguay is experiencing an excellent summer this year with more than 3 million tourists reaching the eastern coasts of Uruguay, an average of 90% occupancy.

More Argentinians are enjoying our beautiful coast lines this summer, with less Brazilians than usual due to their current economic situation.

Heaven Exists and it is in Rocha.

The Atlantic waters that wash up along the shores of the Uruguayan coast from Punta Del Este to Chuy is a beauty hard to match. Salty water and winds bring amazing waves to the coast, an attraction for surfers and beach comers alike. The Polonio Cape, Punta Del Diablo, the Park of Santa Teresa, the Coronilla seaside groves, the marshes, and the lakes, are points of attraction to enjoy in our ever shining sun and variety of rich vegetation.

The connecting point between Punta Del Este and Rocha is the newest icon east of Uruguay, a circular bridge designed by Rafael Viñoly on the Garzón Lagoon. It is currently attracting selfies, family outings, and getaways with mate in one hand, and a fishing rod in the other. Businessman Eduardo Constantini succeeded to finally link the departments of Maldonado and Rocha.

Now that the $12 million bridge is opening route, it will not be hard to refuse the flow of Investors along the 770 hectares on the ocean strip between the lakes of Garzón and Rocha. The main investor Argentine businessman Eduardo Costantini, whose company took 80% of the value of the works has lands on the other side of the lagoon.

Although the building of the bridge has been controversial it is without doubts a tremendous breakthrough in this region.

It will be only a matter of time for this part of the Uruguayan coast, with its superb ocean waves washing its shores, to set itself up as the fresh stronghold of neighborhoods, and maritime farms.

In Uruguay, only 35% of the total land is permitted for development. Our coastal ordinances requires the highest environmental standards for not damaging this section of pristine nature.

Cows, horses grazing plus the multiple variations of birds pausing on their migration route, is a breathtaking scene resembling a pure and untouched paradise.

Today, the land hectare can start as low as US$18.000 and ranges up to US$ 200.000 if they are at the ocean, yet the property values are expected to increase next year when the Argentinean building projects that are awaiting approval, finally launch their development plans for luxury neighborhoods. Aiming at private developments that include all the amenities and services is undoubtedly the key to successful investment plans on the other side of the bridge Garzon.

Best Surfing Destinations in Rocha

Heading eastwards is unavoidable, and this summer 85% occupation is prove of the magnetic attraction of the place specially those who love to surf find the best waves in the country.

The Uruguayan coast has excellent surfing beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, with waves and strong winds throughout the year.

The favorite spot among surf lovers is La Paloma. Once an island, the oldest seaside resort later joined the mainland giving it its privileged geography. A variety of winds and waves give the more serious surfer an assortment of experiences. The best time of the season to enjoy the untamed waves is from March to June. Surf beaches are: Anaconda, Zanja Honda, boats, La Aguada and Corumbá.

La Pedrera

You can find the most powerful waves in La Pedrera. Once a rough and ready village, it now has villas similar to those found in Punta Del Este. This peaceful coastal corner, including two sandy beaches separated by a headland is one of the chic resorts emerging in Uruguay, which some compare to what was José Ignacio before becoming popular with millionaire vacationers. The best surfers flock to the region to take part on the summer surfing competition. There is one championship being held until the 21st of February.

Punta Del Diablo

During the summer this population of 1,500 people receives more than 20,000 students and backpackers who go down to the beaches, many of them are from Brazil and Argentina. Surfing in Punta Del Diablo is a pleasure and a challenge. In any season you can overcome the waves on the beach “La Viuda”. One of the advantages of Punta Del Diablo is the reliability of the waves, and if you visit during March through October, you have the pleasure of quiet vacant beaches.

Santa Teresa

For those who want to discover the rough beaches in Uruguay with less public participation, and on a more private level, the National Park of Santa Teresa in Rocha, offers beaches with excellent surf for both experts and beginners. Beaches for surfing are: Moza, Las Achiras

Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is not for surfing as much as for relaxing. The only way to cross the sea of dunes is by using giant trucks along a National Reserve. With no streets nor electricity and with a fixed population of eighty people, Cabo Polonio is indeed an appropriate place to escape from civilization. Do not expect “do” anything in Cabo Polonio than resting in a hammock, drinking beer or visiting talkative marine wolves wandering near a 120 year old lighthouse. The only hard decision is to leave Cabo Polonio behind.

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