The hottest new destination for upscale American

The hottest new destination for upscale American travelers is Uruguay

Bookings to that country by its members are up nearly 300%.

The Virtuoso luxury travel network published the latest results, extracted from its database of more than $ 49.5 billion of travel transactions for the upcoming fall and holiday season 2019/2020. Their Hottest New Destination is Uruguay.

Virtuoso’s Hot 10, which the organization defines as the countries that have experienced the largest percentage increases in annual reservations amongst American travelers, are:

1. Uruguay (+ 286%)
2. Maldives (+ 171%)
3. Malta (+ 140%)
4. Romania (+ 135%)
5. Egypt (+ 122%)
6. Rwanda (+ 114%)
7. Qatar (+ 101%)
8. South Korea (+ 98%)
9. Norway (+ 96%)
10. Puerto Rico (+ 120%)

The data comes from Virtuoso’s US agency members and reflects travel reservations from September to December 2019.

Virtuoso says the Hot 10 shows that travelers are eager to explore new destinations, from the fairytale castles of Romania to the historical sites of Malta and the fjords of Norway. Uruguay ranks first for its wineries, weather and adventure opportunities, says the organization.

Squeezed between gigantic Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has always been somewhat of an underdog. However, after two centuries living in the shadow of its neighbors, the smallest country in South America is finally receiving a deserved recognition. Progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated, Uruguay offers visitors the opportunity to experience everyday moments ‘not made for tourists’, whether they are caught in a traffic jam of cows and gauchos (cowboy) on a dirt road to nowhere or walking with matte locals along the beach of Montevideo. Thanks to good roads, considerate drivers and, outside the high holiday season, low traffic, you can explore its endless coastline, wonders of nature and unlimited pampas at your own pace.

By Ralph Haverkate, Real Estate Broker

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