3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate in Uruguay

The pandemic has changed the real estate world forever with 3D Virtual Tours

Because there’s simply no better way to showcase a property to buyers than an immersing 3D Virtual Tour, we at RealEstate-in-Uruguay have started to implement more and more this new technology. Property showing and viewing can literally be done from all over the world. A potential buyer has access to an accurate digital floor plan and all the room measurements of the property he is interested in. According to the survey below by NAR (NAR is the largest Realtor Association in the world), floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing.  Our clients always ask us for floor plans, and we had to try to get them from the owners, but they are not always available. And now you get actual accurate m2 which in most cases we always relied on the owners what they tell us, and that can be inaccurate as you know.

Due to these 3D Virtual Tours, we had recently several offers “unseen” and sellers did not have to wait until the client was physically here in Uruguay

For Real Estate, Architects, Designers, and Construction Projects, we prefer using iGUIDE® over others for several reasons. The essential floor plans from iGUIDE® are more accurate than the confusing Doll Houses of others. You get outdoor shoots from a DSLR Camera with iGUIDE® and DFX files to upload into a CAD or any floor planner App and you can even do Virtual Staging or upload your iGUIDE files to Floorplanner.com  for interior design or decorating purposes. See more information on their Website.

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