Agroland – the new attraction in Garzon

Agroland is a must when visiting Garzón

Agroland has become one of the best attractions of the east region of Maldonado. This is a highly recommended tourist proposal for tourists visiting Uruguay. The place is wonderful, the scenery of hills from the North of Maldonado suggest an enchanted valley, among vineyards, olive trees, lakes and streams.

Agroland is the new agro-industrial complex owned by the Argentinian Alejandro Bulgheroni. It is located at 175 of Highway 9, very near Pueblo Garzón and only 28km from José Ignacio.

Agroland Garzon, Uruguay
Agroland Garzon

It has an area of 4,200 hectares, there are 550 hectares of olive plantation and the agro industrial activity employs almost 750 including the  harvesting season that runs from April to June. Most workers come from the nearby city of San Carlos.

Agroland  is well prepared for visitors. Very friendly and bilingual hosts will guide you to the stone building  where the processing plant is located and to a mini cinema showing the ancient oil culture of olive trees. Then you will be guided into to a dark tunnel  and through a very creative display with the production stages,  you will learn the process of making the extra virgin olive oil.  You will not leave Agroland without becoming an expert in olive oil tasting. The three extra virgin olive oils Colinas de Garzon produced in Agroland have been awarded internationally. Tasting Coratina-Frantoio-Leccino and Picual- Coratina-Barnea with homemade bread is an experience that cannot be missed.

Molinos de Viento Uruguay
Molinos de Viento Uruguay

In fact, the extra olive oil of Agroland is one of the best in the region. Agroland was recently awarded two Gold Prestige medals in the international olive oil competition held in  Mendoza Olivinus.

Agroland plant has the latest industrial equipment and production capacity exceeding 70 tonnes of olives per day. The plant of olive oil extraction was chosen among the best in the world.

As well, there are many more options in Agroland to enjoy nature throughout the year. Bike riding, trekking, a nice picnic surrounded by olive groves or olives harvesting and wine tasting or even a tractor or a balloon tour are some of the many activities that can be done in Agroland.

Pic-nic in Agroland, Uruguay
Pic-nic in Agroland, Uruguay

Countdown to the Food and Wine Festival

On Saturday 12th October at 12.3o pm Agroland will invite visitors to a fancy lunch where six chefs from around the world will offer some of the best creations using extra olive oils from Colinas de Garzón. The delicious gourmet wines from Bodegas de Garzón (Uruguay) and Bodegas de Vistalba (Argentina) will be served.

This event is one of the four events of the Food and Wine Festival

Agroland, Garzon Uruguay
Agroland, Garzon Uruguay



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By Mary Ann Thompson


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