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The Best Restaurants of Buenos Aires




Located at the Hotel Panamericano was created by the Concaro sisters, 40 years ago. In fact, it is the restaurant that got the most positive attention during a 2014 restaurant survey of Buenos Aires. The reasons are well known, in Tomo I, the food is simple but always achieves a plus that moves by the ongoing search of the purest flavors and the use of top quality raw material. Although Ada Concaro passed away, her sister Ebe and her son, Federico Fyalaire, who is also a fantastic sommelier has maintained the style with a careful result. Tomo 1 changes their menu every season, but always keeps secret dishes. The carpeted lounge with upholstered walls is sober and formal and offers careful attention, great service and very good wines.

LA CABRERA – A Restaurant to take Foreigners

If you are inviting a foreigner La Cabrera is the place to go. In Buenos Aires like in Uruguay meat is a source of national pride. Obviously among the best meat restaurants is a grill working at its best, however, it is much more than a grill since on their fires there are not only the traditional cuts of cattle, but vast variety of meat options from Argentina. From bondiola pork to pamplonas chicken, the sweet duck, through “the achuras” and American steak (unusual in our environment, bone and cut lengthwise), La Cabrera is an initiatory temple for a newcomer to Buenos Aires. Everything in La Cabrera is excellent. They even provide starters like dumplings and pieces of grilled meat while customers wait in line in the corridors to get seated. One of the specialty dishes with La Cabrera style are the hot and cold side dishes that are served with every main course such as pickled beans, lima beans, eggplant and roasted garlic, salads with dressings and many more creative options. The steaks are of unsurpassed quality. The success of La Cabrera forced to add a branch, La Cabrera Norte located just 50 meters from the original place in Palermo. Without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Argentina.

MORENA BEACH – For a Romantic Date

When choosing a romantic restaurant, the setting and the location is more valued than the gastronomy of the place. The cuisine in Morena Beach is Mediterranean inspired and not especially notable for its originality. What fascinates its visitors is its wonderful location just opposite to the Aeroparque in Costanera in the breakwater Yacht Club North Port, entering 500 meters into the Rio de la Plata. With the river as the dominant landscape in a dimly lit and a pianist playing jazz and bossa nova lounge, the situation is almost a cliché of the romantic. The best tables are those that are located next to the large windows. Morena has been a success for 17 years, a favorite for eating between candles and cuddles.

OCHO7OCHO –  If you are visiting Buenos Aires with a group of friends

878  has a spacious lounge with good music, excellent range of spirits and different spaces for different types of groups that can sit at the bar drinking shots, or choose the low tables with chairs or simply dine at the high table and taste the dishes prepared by the chef Magalí Zanchi, who always aims at simple preparations, with quality ingredients. Every two months, Julián Díaz (property owner) invites chefs to cook first line at affordable prices. Casual yet sophisticated, Ocho7ocho is a great place to go to have fun and eat well.

CHILA – For a Business Lunch

What do entrepreneurs and executives seek when they have to organize a dinner or a business lunch in Buenos Aires? Looking for a serious restaurant, silent, separated from the other tables, impeccable attention, good wine and outstanding gastronomy. In all these points, Chila is above average. Located in Puerto Madero and with a VIP insider view of the river, this restaurant opened in 2006 and everything is designed to detail: from the avant-garde dishes (Villeroy & Boch) to a surprising pepper that sheds light on the plate while grinding the corns. In the kitchen the acclaimed young chef Soledad Nardelli, who is known for her innovative preparations with French roots. The bread is the best of Buenos Aires, including flavors like mustard and walnut and blue cheese. The restaurant is complemented by a wine cellar with 1200 bottles of controlled high-end wines. Of course all this comes at a price but that is of little interest to those who need to entertain potential partners, customers or suppliers.

KENSHO – The Healthy Spot in Buenos Aires

Historically, healthy, natural and vegetarian food had the reputation for being boring. But in recent years that has changed thanks to restaurants like Kensho, which was voted the best for eating rich and light. This unique restaurant in Buenos Aires, with room for only 30 people is led by chef Máximo Cabrera, who has turned Kensho in the undisputed benchmark of Argentina. Notable unbaked loaves; raw spinach soup, which comes with a sort of raw-sausage-activated seed; mushroom ceviche, version Andean potatoes and sauce; also cashew cheeses and salads in general. For dessert, the rich Brownie with ice cream cassava, without butter nor cream. If there were doubts about the possibilities of natural gourmet cuisine, a visit to Kensho is enough to clear them out.
Buenos Aires close to Uruguay has plenty of surprising options for weekend visitors traveling from Uruguay to spend some days in the metropolitan city. For more information contact us.
Mary Ann Thompson

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