Easter week in Uruguay


Easter week has a lot of different names, “Santa”, “Criolla”, and “Cerveza”. Most Uruguayans choose this time of the year to take their long break and traditionally they prefer to travel into the countryside.
Compared to summer, autumn in Uruguay is in essence a quieter time, where the hectic moves of the high season activities are over and yet the weather allows to venture into the countryside and spot out places that are not commonly shown to the visitor who prefers the beach front activities.
Below are some of the most relevant places for those who want to venture into the countryside in Uruguay
If you go to Rocha
There are beautiful places in Rocha and one that cannot be missed is the Ombúes reserve. Going up Valizas stream towards the lagoon, there is a group of ombúes, giants among the trees, forming a veritable forest and natural reservoir. Monte Grande agency offers guided tours to this unique project in the world.

Tours and Farms in Punta Del Este

Punta Del Este continues to attract visitors that come to enjoy the many walks outdoors that give both seaside resorts and its diverse cultural and artistic projects. Another option is the Tambo Lapataia which is opened to tourism and is very interesting especially as a ride with children, since they also tour the facilities and see how the milking is done in a systematic way, and view how the different products like goat cheese and dulce de leche are being manufactured and exported. It is also a good opportunity to ride a horse.

A high Sierra near Piriapolis

Historically, the Sierra de Las Animas was believed to be the highest point of Uruguay, until it was found that the Cerro Cathedral was higher, but not by much.
While it is not the top of the Sierra de Las Animas, the view of the coast of Maldonado is amazing.

A country Horseback Riding

Riding a taste of Uruguay is a unique experience during the Easter Week. The Cerro Del Indio very near the area of Piriapolis has one of the best views in the country watching Criollo horses galloping freely and enjoying the typical rural landscapes and country people.

Traditional Festivals in Soriano

The number of festivities events has diversified in Uruguay as well as its geographical location.
Near the city of Mercedes the largest gaucho parade with 2,500 horses, connects cities and towns and ends with a celebration with national and international folklorist’s artist and an incredible craft fair. There are also replicas of historic village nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, true works of art built in mud and straw.

The Nature and Mysticism in Lavalleja

On the east of the country and its main attractions like the Ventorillo of Buena Vista Buddhist Temple and the Valley of the Thread of Life, is a must see.

Sunsets in Uruguayan Rivers

The rivers are the best places to watch sunsets, and in this country there are rivers everywhere, just a matter of watching the sunsets. The journey that Charles Darwin conducted aboard the Beagle was well documented in his diary, where he wrote on November 24, 1833: “Seen from the hills, the Rio Negro offers a glance of the most picturesque river I have seen in these regions“.

Montevideo in Autumn

Montevideo is also preparing to welcome tourists coming from the countryside and from abroad.
The warmth of autumn invites walks outdoors and if that is the option Lecocq Park can be a good choice. A natural environment with a variety of flora and fauna as well as games for children can be found. The Park also has a viewpoint of birds, from which you can spot over 140 species.
The spacious parks and green spaces in Montevideo, the horse activities at El Prado and eco-friendly Costaventura new park, which opened recently on the coast line of Canelones, are some of the proposals suggested for those who arrive in the southern region of the country.
Mary Ann Thompson

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